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Do the concepts of baby boomers, gen-x'ers and millennials apply in other countries as well as the US? This is a guide to generational differences in cultures abroad and their impact on work and industry, focusing on China, Japan, India, and Germany.


Baby Boomer: Individual born during the post-WWII boom, from 1946-64.

Generation X: Generation born after the baby boomers. No firm dates, but general consensus is that this includes peoples born in the 1960s through to the late 70s/early 80s.

Generation Y: Also called Millennials. This generation was born from 1981-2000s. The omnipresence of the Internet and other global information technologies has had a huge influence on this generation.

Generational Characteristics

This chart gives some of the work characteristics of the different generations in the U.S. During your reading and research, you will want to see if these generations are defined along the same lines in foreign countries, and how they different and are the same with U.S. characteristics.

Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

Work Ethics and Values

Work efficiently
Personal fulfillment
Desire quality
Question authority
Eliminate the task
Want structure and direction
What’s next
Goal oriented
Work Is... An exciting adventure A difficult challenge
A contract
A means to an end
Leadership Style Consensual
Everyone is the same
Challenge Others
Ask why
*TBD - As this group has not spent much time in the workforce, this characteristic has yet to be determined.
Interactive Style Team Player
Loves to have meetings
Entrepreneur Participative
Communication In Person Direct
E-mail and voicemail
Text Messaging
Feedback and Rewards

Don't appreciate it
Title recognition

Sorry to interrupt, but how am I doing?
Freedom is the best reward
Whenever I want it, at the push of a button
Meaningful work
Work and
Family Life
No balance
Live to work
Work to live Balance


Adapated from "Mixing and Matching Four Generations of Employees" by Greg Hammill.

Recommended Search Terms

Simply knowing the right search terms can help immensely in the research process. Some recommended search terms are:

  • Intergenerational Relationships
  • Generational Gaps
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Cross-Cultural Differences
  • Generation Work Values
  • Generational Values
  • Global Generation

Try adding a country of interest to your search term to narrow your results if you find yourself retrieving too much information with any of these terms.



These websites are published by a variety of individuals and organizations to the world wide web. Remember that anybody can publish information to the Internet. When viewing websites, keep a critical eye out for any message or bias the author of the work may be expressing.


Many of these titles are hosted by Books 24x7. This service is free, but does require you to create an account before accessing the titles. Remember to use your e-mail address.