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Creating a Teacher's Account

Teacher's Account:  How to start

Follow the same instructions for locating and opening NoodleTools website by clicking on the NoodleTools Home tab of this Lib Guide.  That information is located in the Accessing NoodleTools section of the page.

For creating a new account, once you have opened the NoodleTools Website you will need to select:

I am a teacher or librarian

The rest of the registration information is the same as the Student Account Setup in the NoodleTools Home Section.

Sharing Setup

Sharing: Name and drop boxes

You will need to setup sharing on your account so that you can monitor students progress and provide feedback on their work.

1. In the Projects section of NoodleTools, you will need to click on the Sharing Setup
    button located above the box labeled Projects Shared with Me.  This will take you
    to a screen labeled Sharing Setup.

2. Enter your name, something your students know. Example: Mr./Mrs. Anderson.

3. Provide a name for the assignment drop box.  You will need to let the students know
    what it is so that they can use it to setup their sharing account. 

     Example:  Anderson ENGL 101-85B - Title of Paper.  You can also add a year to
    distinguish from previous assignments.

4. Additional Teachers can be added.  Please ask for assistance.

5. If a student uses Google Docs and you have a Google account, you can be added
    as a collaborator and be able to make comments on the students paper.

6. Add links to websites that you want to use as part of the assignment
   (assignment sheet, online calendar, LibGuide, etc).

7. Click the Create Drop Box button.  This will take you to a new screen and your new
    drop box will appear in My Assignment Drop Boxes area.  Too add more Drop Boxes
    for different Assignments, click on the Create a New Drop Box button and repeat the
    directions above.

8.  Click on My Projects to return to your personal folder.

Viewing Projects

How to View Students Projects: Adding comments

You can locate Students project in Projects Shared with Me section of the Projects page.

1. Click on the students Project to open it.  On the Bibliography screen, see the form used
    to create the citation by clicking the View button next to the citation you wish to see.
    You can see exactly what information the student entered into each field  Here you can
    analyze what a student completed or help find mistakes in the style.

2. If the notecards are enabled, a Show link in the “Notecards” column will allow you to
    view the notecards the student created click the Show/hide all link in the Notecard
     display options bar near the top of the screen.

3. You will not be able to make changes to the citations, notecards, or outline.  You can,
    however, add comments.  Students then can use your comments to improve or correct
    their work based on your feedback before they submit their final citation.

4. You can Enter a comment into the comment box below the citation or notecard that you
    wish to provide feedback and then click the Submit button.

5. Your comment will then be viewable by the student within their source list.  A
    "Comments" icon will be displayed next to your comments that both you and
    the student will be able to see.  A "New" icon will show up in the student's personal
    folder to let them know comments have been left for them.

Note: It is recommended that teacher's view and follow both the Student and Teacher
instructions for a broader understanding of the inner workings of NoodleTools.

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