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English Literature - Indianapolis

Web Resources

There are many great resources on the web for students of literature. Here are a few recommended websites that contain online copies of famous literary works, guides to understanding literary theory, sites dedicated to understanding the elements of poetry, and much more!

Literature Resources

British Library Discovering Literature
Brings to life the social, political, and cultural context of famous works of literature. Contains articles, films, art, and digitized copies of literature throughout different time periods.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab
A helpful introduction to literary theory and schools of criticism.

University of Wisconsin - Madison Writing Center
A short guide for understanding "close reading" and literary analysis.


Poetry Resources

Poetry Foundation
Contains an extensive collection of poems, biographical information about famous poets, podcasts, and more!
Produced by the Academy of American Poets, this website contains over 10,000 poems. Search for poems by theme, occasion, keyword, or poet's name.

Poetry at Harvard
Comprehensive website with poetry glossaries and guides discussing poetic forms and terms.