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English Literature - Indianapolis

Why Cite?

While writing your research paper, it's important to cite your sources

Citing your sources helps you avoid plagiarism, gives credit to the authors whose ideas and words you include in your paper, and allows others to learn more about the topic by reading your cited sources.

Visit our library Citation Guide to learn more about plagiarism, APA and MLA formats, and the annotated bibliography.

MLA Format

MLA Style is the standards of written communication and documentation of resources set by the Modern Language Association. 

Below are some links and handouts to help you understand and utilize the MLA format:

MLA Formatting 8th Edition 
Includes examples of MLA Style first page, header, and Works Cited page.

MLA Citation Examples 8th Ed. 
A color coded chart showing how to cite various resources.

Purdue University MLA Overview and Workshop 
A comprehensive website with style guides and examples.

Citation Tools

Citation Management Tools can help you organize and cite your sources. Always make sure to double check your citations for correctness!

Ivy Tech Community College Citation Tools