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Faculty Resources & Services - Bloomington

Laptops & Other Equipment

The library has several pieces of equipment and technology available for check out by faculty and staff.

New items include:

  • 3 Virtual Reality headsets
  • 3 Noise cancelling headphones
  • 3 External batteries
  • Catch box microphone system

Other items include:

  • Human brain models
  • Music batons
  • Anatomy Models for student use (on loan to Anatomy Department this semester)
  • Laptop computers - call ahead; supply is limited
  • Projectors
  • Rolling Cart
  • 1 digital camera, newer model, with backpack and accessories
  • 1 digital camera, older model, also records video
  • Calculators
  • Scientific calculators
  • Headphones
  • Splitter for use with headphones to allow 2 or more people to listen at a time
  • Globes of the Earth, Moon, & Mars
  • FatalVision and D.I.E.S. Mat ("beer goggles" that imitate alcohol impairment)
  • Chargers for iPhones & Android cell phones