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Psychology - Fort Wayne

mindfulness road sign This page is an overview of the resources pertaining to Health Psychology and key authors/practitioners on the topic of Mindfulness.
Students will study the interdisciplinary fields of contemplative practice, stress management, and specific areas of neuroscience.
Students will be assessed on their achievement of the following learning goals/course objectives:
  • Describe the theory/ philosophy and practice of mindfulness meditation, and evaluate any evidence regarding the efficacy of this practice for wellness.
  • Describe the theory/ philosophy and practice of Christian contemplative prayer and evaluate any evidence regarding the efficacy of this practice for wellness.
  • Describe how to use various breath practices in regulating emotion and managing physical pain and evaluate any evidence regarding the efficacy of these practices for wellness.
  • Describe and develop capacity to practice basic asanas of gentle yoga.
  • Identify significant areas of research regarding the efficacy of contemplative and stress management practices for establishing and maintaining wellness.

Daniel Siegel, MD

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine; Director, Mindsight Institute.
A key writer about the neurobiology of attachment/social relationships.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Medical School and
Founding Director of Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare & Society;
His work is translated into 20 languages.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Zen master, peace and human rights activist who helped start the engaged Buddhism movement. Nominated for Nobel Prize by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Richard Davidson, PhD

Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry at University of Wisconsin, Madison;
Director of Waisman Lab for Brain Imaging & Behavior, and Lab for Affective Neuroscience.  Founder – Center for Investigating Healthy Minds

Additional Practitioners

Gary Kraftsow: Founder, Viniyoga Institute.  Teacher and researcher who has assisted with studies at NIH
Seanne Corn: Internationally celebrated Vinyasa flow yoga teacher. Founder of Off the Mat-Into the World
Pema Chodron: Ordained Buddhist nun.  Director of Gampo Abby in Nova Scotia
Father Thomas Keating: Trappist priest.  Primary teacher/writer on Christian contemplative/centering prayer

Dweck Mindset

dweck mindset model diagram

Diffusing Emotional Triggers

Health Psychology Bibliography

Journal Articles