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Internationalization-Math: Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Carbon Footprint Challenge

What is the Carbon Footprint Challenge?  In this advanced math challenge, students assess carbon emissions on a personal, local, and global level and devise plans to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Complete instructions for the Fall 2017 project can be found in the file below.  Thirty-seven students submitted projects to this Carbon Footprint Challenge, and from those entries, several winners were selected.  These students were recognized for their outstanding work on this project at an award ceremony in the Library on Friday, December 1st, 2017.

Details and instructions for the current semester's project can be found under the home tab above.  Any follow-up questions may be submitted to Dr. Paniagua at

Congratulations to all the winners!

Honorable Mention winners were: Loretta Thomas, Abigail Weidner, Jacqueline Burnette, Misty Williams, Amber Stetter, and Matthew Lewallen.

All winners received a certificate and a reusable grocery/book bag compliments of Roche Diabetes Care.

Fall 2017 Welcome Week Events

The Math Department and the Library teamed up to host “Global Adventures at the Library” during Welcome Week, August 21 - 25, 2017.  Students participated in a variety of activities and several prizes were awarded!

Library Scavenger Hunts – The items we received from our "Friends Around the World" were on display in the library during Welcome Week.  Students had the opportunity to view and handle the items up close and answered questions about these items for the Library Scavenger Hunts.  Several winners received $25 gift cards to the campus bookstore.

Congratulations to:
Jessica W., Alexandra C., Logan M., Cassandra B., and Nathan N.

Pie Charts Survey & Global Map of Desires – Students stopped by the library to pick up a set of stickers that they used to answer the questions in the Pie Charts Survey.  All participants were entered into a drawing, and several winners won $25 gift cards to Bloomingfoods, Chili's, and AMC Movies.

Congratulations to:
Sainquta J., Elizabeth S., Shontita P., Martenic H., Evelyn M., and Sara R.

Fall 2017 Activities Slideshow

MATH 123

Though the Carbon Footprint Challenge was open to all Ivy Tech students, many of the participants were students in MATH 123.  Former student Reed Butcher spoke at the Carbon Footprint Award Ceremony to share his thoughts on his experience and the importance of MATH 123.

 "Every college student has a few of those classes in which once they have achieved a satisfactory or passing grade they simply forget about or never really use the material again in their lifetime. I will tell you from my own personal experience that the mathematics class Quantitative Reasoning (MATH123) that is offered through IvyTech Community college and directed by Professor Maria del Carmen Paniagua Quinones is definitely NOT one of those courses by any means. I quickly put the knowledge I learned from MATH123 to practice when I transferred to Indiana University. During my very first semester in my Environmental Management course we were instructed to find a way to positively make a significant change on the environment for our semester project. I quickly and confidently got to work calculating Co2 emissions using the abundance of information I learned from my experience in the MATH123 course, I truly felt I had a tremendous advantage over my fellow Environmental Management classmates throughout the entire project and my final grade shows that I did. A memorable moment of my life came from this when my Environmental Management semester project was finished and my professor asked to speak with me privately. She was absolutely enthralled with my project and wanted to know more about it and the in depth thought process behind it, which I happily explained with excitement. I will never forget that day I was able to teach my college professor how to complete a project better than she thought possible. I am happy to say I was granted an A for my semester project in Environmental management and held the top grade in the class, thanks to Professor Marie del Carmen Paniagua Quinones and MATH123." -- Reed Butcher, December 2017

Comparison Graphs