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The Anderson Learning Center: The Anderson Learning Center

You are capable of amazing things!

Information you can find under each tab is below!

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The Anderson Learning Center Hours

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"Help is Here!"

  • Ivy Tech Help:
    • On campus Childcare
    • Anderson Ivy Cares for Personal Barriers
    • Ask Anderson - How to get help for all your Ivy Tech Questions
    • Thrive - Additional Help including Emergency Needs
  • Outside help:
    • Food Pantries
    • Clothing
    • Mental Health
    • Addiction
    • Health Care
    • Housing and Utility Assistance
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Children and Families
    • Tax Assistance

"Anderson - Loose Library"

  • On Campus
    • Formatting Papers
    • Research Help
    • Writing Center Help
    • Ivy Kids Corner Coming Soon!
  • Online - The Library website provides 24-hour access to:
    • over 100,000 online books
    • over 50,000 journals, magazines,  and newspapers
    • encyclopedias
    • video and sound clips
    • image galleries
    • career information
    • help with citing sources
    • and so much more!

"Supplemental Instruction (SI)"

Answers - What is Supplemental Instruction? 


  • SI Leader Contact Information
  • SI Courses
  • Session Times
  • Zoom Links

"Tutoring Center"

The Tutoring Center offers but not limited to:

  • Study Groups
  • White Board Tables and Walls
  • Study Tools
  • Computers
  • Downloadable Study Documents


  • Tutors will help you understand the concepts of your homework, but they will NOT do your homework for you.  
  • Tutors help students develop independent learning strategies.
  • Tutors do not teach class material. If you have missed a class, contact your instructor. 
  • Tutors cannot assist with quizzes and tests in any form, including take-home quizzes and tests.  
  • Great News - Ivy Tech Anderson tutoring lab has opened up limited space to virtually tutor K-12 children of our students in math. 

"The Writing Center"

  • APA Guide
  • MLA Guide
  • Citing Sources Websites
  • Downloadable "How To" Information
    • An Effective Thesis
    • Finding essay topics
    • How do I address my audience’s needs when writing an essay?
    • How do I know if a paragraph and essay are well-developed?
    • How do I know if a source is good?
    • How do you write a good title for an essay?
    • How to have good organization in an essay?
    • Principles for incorporating visuals
    • Revision Tips and Techniques
    • Self-Analysis for Revision
    • Tips for Writing Timed Essays
    • What is argument?
    • Writing a Good Conclusion
    • Writing a Good Introduction