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Faculty Guide - Lake County: Requesting Resources

Faculty Requests for Library Materials

Perhaps you need a DVD that we don't have, or want a specific book to be in the library for your students. If we do not have it there are a few methods that we can take in order to fulfill that need.

  • If notified ahead of time, we can attempt to order the item so that we will have it in our collection.
  • Let us know as much information(author, ISBN, etc) about the material as you can, and we'll make the order.
  • If there is something on there you don't know (such as where to order it), don't worry. As long as we have the basic information, we will try to find it. 
  • Please contact the librarian listed on the this Libguide's website for the Northwest campus you are at, and email them with your request.

After you have provided us with the information, the Library Director or Library campus staff will first check to see if we have similar materials in the collection to bring to your attention.  

If not, then the  Library Director/campus librarian will search various sources to find materials to purchase while looking for currency, desirable length and quality.  

Materials are then ordered, received and cataloged locally,  and then sent to the campus library for final processing.