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English 111 - South Bend-Elkhart

Price of Fairness

The Price of Fairness
Why do we accept huge levels of inequality and social injustice? This is one of the central questions that The Price of Fairness sets out to answer, beginning with a surprising set of social experiments in Norway, which suggest that our willingness to support systems of inequality is far greater than we are often prepared to admit.

Touching on issues of economic, political, racial and gender inequality, this film offers a thought-provoking and timely look at what fairness really means to us.

Background Information: Pre-search to Research

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Reading 3-4 articles from the resources below will help you to better understand the scope and important issues of your topic.  As you read about your topic, you will discover which issues you will want to focus on in your paper. 

Best Bet: African American Experience
Developed by African-American librarians and subject specialists and organized by era, this vast and accessible database covers the topic of African American history and its relation to U.S. history through published articles, essays, objects and artifacts, ideas and movements, images, documents, and other historical and culturally valuable sources. The database also includes an "Analyze" section which poses key questions to stimulate critical thinking.


Britannica Academic Online Encyclopedia
Britannica Academic Online is a general knowledge encyclopedia with over 120,000 entries covering a myriad of topics.  This multimedia source also includes videos, primary sources, and journal articles. Browse the homepage to view all that this resource has to offer.  


Credo Reference
Credo Reference is a collection of hundreds of encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and handbooks.  Look for entries that have over 800 words. Here is a snapshot of a search for "race pay equity" in Credo.  


CQ Researcher 
Provides in-depth coverage of the most important issues of the day in researched, footnoted, and fact-checked articles written by seasoned journalists. Below is a snapshot of a CQ Researcher article; note the options for accessing information with in the article on the left.


Find Articles and Books

Best Bet: Discover! 
Discover! searches thousands of articles in a number of research article databases (Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, etc.), as well as IvyCat, a database for all the materials available in our Library (books, ebooks, videos, etc.).





Opposing Viewpoints

Best Bet:  Gale Opposing Viewpoints 
Differing viewpoints (be aware of bias) on social issues found in magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal articles as well as video, audio, maps, statistics, reference sources and more.  Here is a snapshot of a search for immigration and refugees:

CQ Researcher

Each includes a Pro/Con section where experts present their viewpoint on the issue.  Here is the Pro/Con page from the same article, "Racial Conflict":