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Google Search Tips: Search Tips

Google Web Search

Search Google with these tips and tricks...

Operator Description Examples

Restricts search to a particular domain or website

  • No space between site: and search term
  • Search for .gov, .edu, .org
  • Search within a country's domain

Find volunteer opportunities in your city

volunteering Austin

Find mortgage information from the government


Find software jobs in China

software jobs


This will display the definition of the word. 

  • No space between define: and search term

Find definition of revenue cycle

define:revenue cycle


Restricts search to specific file type.

  • No space between filetype: and search term
  • Helpful when looking for full-text articles or forms. 
  • Find a list of file types searched by Google

Find examples of hospital in-take forms

hospital in-take filetype:PDF 

double quotation marks

"  ...."

Exact phrase search

  • Searches for words in the order typed

Find lyrics to a song or book and movie titles

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done"

"Star Wars the last jedi" 


Search for a range of numbers

  • number...number

Find real estate between $20,000 and $120,000

$20,000...$120,000 real estate

Find laptops with various screen sizes

14inch...17inch laptops

Find medical breakthrough timeline

"medical breakthrough" 1920...1960


Restricts results to pages that have the search term in the URL

  • No space between inurl: and search term

Find mention of carbon in a website that contains the term science direct

carbon inurl:sciencedirect


Displays current stock quotes

Find the current stock quote for Apple, Inc


Power Searching Tips Video

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