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Indianapolis: Course Reserves

Textbook reserves

Indianapolis libraries have textbooks for courses taught on that campus available for a single day’s check-out. Textbooks are for in-library use only. A student may have a textbook while the library is open, but must turn it in before closing at the end of the day. There are no overnight check-outs. (No exceptions) All textbooks (and books) must be quarantined for 72 hours once returned to the desk. 

During this time of COVID, safe practices dictate that books must be quarantined 72 hours once they are returned to the desk. Research has proven that the virus lives on paper up to 72 hours. (REALM Project)  After that time, the virus can no longer live and the books are safe to reuse.

Every attempt is made to have as many textbooks available as possible each semester for our classes; however, for various reasons, we may not be able to acquire certain titles.

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