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Library Technology - Indianapolis

An image of a desktop computer.

     Computers are available for students to check email, complete assignments, and research materials.

     To access one of our computers, log-in with your Ivy Tech username and password.

     The following software and services are available from any computer:



                                                         Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc...)

                                                         Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

An image of a headset with microphone.

Headsets are available for students who need to attend Zoom classes, watch a video, or listen to an audio recording. 

An image of a laptop charging cable.

     Chargers for both Apple and PC's are available for students to charge their laptops while in the library.

An image of a USB charging cable.

Lighting, USB-C, and Micro USB cables are available for students to charge their devices while in the library.


Scan for free to email, flash drive, Google Drive, or OneDrive.


Faxing is $.25 per page.

Coin machine only takes one dollar bills and change.

Scanning/Faxing Instructions

  • Touch screen to begin.
  • Choose your scanning method.
  • ​Choose intended file format, color preference, and resolution quality.  
  • Click Scan Now.
    • If you wish to scan the other side of a material on the Book scanner simply open the cover and flip the item and select, “Scan More Pages”.
  • If using the scan-to-fax option, insert funds at this time ($.25 for a one-sided U.S or Canada fax, or $1.00 for a one-sided International fax).
  • If using the scan-to-flash drive option, insert your flash drive into the USB port in front of the scanner.
  • When finished scanning click Next, insert email and/or phone number, click accept/next, and select “I’m Done”

      Select computers have the following software:

            Adobe Creative Cloud

                Library Computers - 1, 2, and 9

                Silent Room Computers - 7 and 8


                  Library Computers - 3, 4, and 11

                  Silent Room Computers - 9 and 10


        Webcams are available for students who need to attend Zoom classes or meetings.