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Tutoring Center - Northwest Region: Need a Tutor

This is the list of services, hours, etc for the four tutoring centers of the Ivy Tech Northwest Region

Seeing a Tutor

While some campus programs are structured more around appointments, walk-ins are welcome if an opening is available.  A session is usually 30 minutes at a time. Longer appointments are available under certain circumstances.  It is the student’s responsibility to make any appointments to see a tutor, though    faculty can and do play an important role in referring students early on to the campus tutoring center.  Continuous appointments throughout the semester are  encouraged for best results.


The Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring is most often done on a one-on-one basis or in small groups, but can also occur in lab environments.  Tutors can help with working similar homework problems but not the actual problems, skill building, and test preparation including TEAS Test, ASAP, Ivy Prep, and Accuplacer Readiness

The Staff

The part-time tutoring staff includes Peer Tutors who are Ivy Tech students and University Tutors with tutoring experience, usually recent Ivy Tech alumni now furthering their education at four-year universities.  The Lead Tutor not only tutors, but also works closely with the Regional Tutoring Manager to promote services, inform faculty, complete the reports and train new tutors.