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50 Years of Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne


This is the original china bought by “Captain Alexander” for our culinary program.

Pinning Ceremony

Items from the nursing program’s pinning ceremony. The pins say “Ivy Tech Vocational Technical College.”

Course Bulletin

The first course bulletin that contained classes and program information from Ivy Tech Fort Wayne. This was one of our founding administrator Merland Beyler’s own copy, and you can see his signature at the top.

Course Bulletins

Course bulletins from 1986–87 and 2005–06. They show the progression in color, design, and messaging in twenty years.

Course Bulletins

Course bulletins from 1968–70 and 2011–12. This shows an even more stark contrast in the style, logo, coloring, and name change.

Graduation Program and Degree

This is a program and degree from one of Ivy Tech’s first graduating classes. The 1971 graduation was held at Schick Hall Chapel on the Indiana Tech Campus.

Groundbreaking/Dedication Mementos

These objects were each part of a building groundbreaking or dedication. From left to right: coaster from the 1997 Building III dedication, coaster from the 1995 Building III groundbreaking, metal airplane from the Aviation Center’s opening, coaster from The Steel Dynamics, Inc. Keith E. Busse Technology Center groundbreaking, object from The Steel Dynamics, Inc. Keith E. Busse Technology Center opening.


One of the old Indiana Vocational Technical College colors and logo.

Nursing Uniform

Before the nursing program was officially part of Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, they were part of the Fort Wayne Community Schools. This program eventually was absorbed by the college in 1983. This nursing uniform has the Fort Wayne Community Schools logo, and was likely worn in the 1970s.

Nursing Smock

A nursing smock from the nursing program when we were still Ivy Tech State College.

Basketball Trophies

In the 1970’s, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne had a basketball team. The Fort Wayne Panthers won two state championships while they were active, from 1971–77.

License Plate

This was the very first license plate for the very first Ivy Tech Fort Wayne vehicle.