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About Books

A book is a longer publication focused on one aspect of a topic. The introduction to a scholarly book usually gives an overview of the topic and is a good place to start your research. Books can be primary, secondary, or tertiary sources. Due to their length, books take longer to publish than articles. Scholarly books go through the same peer-review process as articles. The publisher will be a clue as to whether the book is scholarly, for specialists, or for general readers. Our library has books in print, online, downloadable, and even audiobook formats.

Finding Books

Books in all formats can be found using the Discover! search box on the main page of the library website or in IvyCat, the catalog for all IvyTech libraries. Be sure to Sign in to My Ivy or IvyLearn and click the Library link before searching; or sign in when prompted.

If you don't already know the author or title, begin searching for books by using the key words of your topic. When you find a book you like, examine the subject tags in its catalog record, and use these to find other books.

Combining Subject searches with Key Words will give you the best results. Some subject tags related to manufacturing, engineering and technology topics are:

Automation -- Computer networks -- Data encryption (Computer science) -- Data security -- Electronic control -- Enterprise data -- Internet of things -- Manufacturing -- Metamaterials -- Robots

Books in the library can be checked out of the library if they are not on Course Reserves. You will need the call number to locate them on the shelves or to request them from library staff.  Click here to see our Guide to call numbers

Ebooks can be read directly from your browser. Depending on the vendor, some portions of eBooks can be downloaded to your device, or printed.

Reference Books

eBook Databases

Searching the individual eBook databases may give better results. To make notes, save and organize your reading lists online, create a free account with each service. Some of these services have an app for mobile devices. Otherwise, read directly from your browser; some portions can be downloaded or printed.

Science and Engineering Book Collections

Multi-Disciplinary Book Collections