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Zoom LibGuide: For Faculty

Want to download these instructions?

Zoom for Faculty (Videos)

Need a hand? Want a video to walk you through using Zoom? Check out these pre-recorded training webinars from Cathy Long, Ivy Tech's Senior Training Specialist:

Zoom for Faculty

Teaching with Zoom

Helping hand

Troubleshooting Zoom

Most login issues with Zoom can be solved by signing in to the Ivy Tech Zoom web client. Check out this quick reference sheet for more info:

Zoom Troubleshooting Q.R.

Problem. Analysis. Solution.

Zoom Guide for Faculty

What is Zoom?
Online meeting and collaboration platform

Zoom replaced GoToMeeting on May 22nd, 2019 as the College’s Online Meeting Platform

Zoom offers more features…
Larger default room size (up to 100 participants)
Polls ability in all Zoom meetings
IvyLearn integration
Student Accounts – students can meet virtually with fellow students
Breakout Rooms

How could you use it in your course?
Record your lectures
Create recordings to supplement course content
1-on-1 instruction or tutoring
Virtual office hours
Hold class virtually in case of inclement weather and record it too

How to get to it so you can host a meeting?
Application Installed on Ivy Tech Computers (Windows Start menu > Zoom > Zoom)
Access through Zoom Website using your Ivy Tech credentials:
Download to your Windows or Mac based computer:
Download to your mobile device through iOS and Android App stores

Zoom Login Screen

Configure Profile and Settings
Upload your profile picture and enter contact info (add a face to your account).

o Click “Profile” link in the left-hand navigation.
o Click “Change” under the profile picture icon.
o Upload your picture.
o Click “Edit” to the right of your contact information to bring up the editable fields as seen below.
o Click “Save Changes”.
o Scroll down to the “Date and Time” section and update your time zone.

Sample Zoom Profile

Recommended Meeting Settings (click “Settings” in the left-hand navigation)

  • To enable a control, click the slider next to the setting you want to enable and it will change from grayed-out to blue.

Mute participants upon entry


File transfer




Nonverbal feedback

Screen sharing

Recommended Recording Settings (click “Settings” in the left-hand navigation, then “Recording” at the top of the Settings page)

Local recording and Cloud recording

Other recording settings

How to Join or host a meeting?

Joining or hosting on Zoom

Joining a meeting

o Click the “Join” button and enter the meeting ID when prompted.

Host an impromptu meeting

o Click the “Host” button and the meeting will begin immediately.

Schedule a meeting.

o Click the “Sign in” button, once authenticated, click the “Schedule a New Meeting” button.

Schedule a new meeting

How to schedule meetings within an IvyLearn Course? (see IvyLearn Integration Instructions below)

Things to know about Host and Participant Views
Participant and Chat windows are not displayed by default!

o Participant window allows you to see who is present in meeting and see/perform nonverbal feedback.
o Chat window allows users to chat and perform file transfers.
o When sharing, toolbar may move, you can re-position.
o Polling (Use of polling or polling options).

Host can view/share results.

Local vs. “In the cloud.”

o Highly Recommended to use “Cloud Recordings”!!!

What is available in the recording?

o Video
o Screen share
o Audio
o Chat transcript (excludes shared files in chat)
o Audio transcript can be produced if enabled in settings.

IvyLearn Integration
How to bring Zoom into your course? (Two options)

o Option #1: Add Zoom to your navigation menu for direct integration.
o Option #2: Use the shareable links from within your Zoom account ( to post content within your course.

Instructor vs. Student views of Zoom meetings within the IvyLearn direct integration option.

o Instructors: can access all Zoom meetings/recordings on their account.
o Students: only see Zoom content the instructor scheduled from within the course.

What meetings appear in the integration for students?

o Only meetings scheduled by the instructor within the course.

Tip to get recordings to appear within the direct integration.

o Log into Zoom application on your computer before starting meeting from within your course.

Best practices for bringing recorded content into the course
How to post recorded content in a course.

o Create a module, assignment, etc.
o How to best share other files that were part of the presentation?

PowerPoints, Documents, etc.
Upload to Google Drive or other cloud-based storage and share.

Do cloud recordings show-up for students automatically?


Got questions you don't see an answer to here? The Educational Technology staff will be happy to help! Click the photo or use the email listed below to connect.

Ashley Swing

Ashley Swing
Educational Technology Assistant