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Zoom LibGuide: For Staff

Want to download these instructions?

Zoom for Faculty (Video)

Need a hand? Want a video to walk you through using Zoom? Check out this pre-recorded training webinar from Cathy Long, Ivy Tech's Senior Training Specialist:

Zoom for Staff

Helping hand

Troubleshooting Zoom

Most login issues with Zoom can be solved by signing in to the Ivy Tech Zoom web client. Check out this quick reference sheet for more info:

Zoom Troubleshooting Q.R.

Problem. Analysis. Solution.



Most of your Zoom meeting invites are likely to arrive as an email to your Ivy Tech inbox. You should see a meeting URL somewhere in the email that looks like this: (with each X replaced by a number)

If the meeting URL is an active link, all you have to do is click it. You will be prompted what to do next, and that may include downloading a Zoom app if it's not on your device already.
If the URL is NOT an active link, simply highlight, copy, and paste the URL into your browser. Once you hit enter, the meeting should open (again, you may be prompted to download something).

3 Ways to Zoom

How do you access Zoom? There are three main ways:

1. All users can use the portal to login to their account using their Ivy Tech credentials.

2. Full-time faculty and staff can access Zoom using the desktop application. This option is installed by IT on Ivy Tech computers. Ivy Tech computer labs and libraries do not have the desktop application installed. Users can still use the portal (option 1) and IvyLearn (option 3) to access the program.

3. All faculty and student users can access Zoom by logging into IvyLearn. This is the recommended access method for instructor-to-student, student-to-student, and synchronous online instruction. Staff can also use IvyLearn if they are enrolled in an organization or course.

1. Accessing Zoom Using the Portal

Go to It is recommended that you use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser. Once you are there, click on the Sign in button.

Sign In button

You will then be asked to sign in using your Ivy Tech email address. After entering your Ivy Tech credentials, continue to follow the prompts to login to Zoom.

Click Next

Once you are logged into your official Zoom account, you will see your account administrative tab. You may use this website to create, start, or join Zoom meetings. This is also where you will set up your profile and meeting preferences.

*IF NEEDED…In the top right, under Resources, click on the first option Download Zoom Client (Zoom Desktop APP) if your machine doesn’t already have this software.

2. Accessing Zoom Using the Desktop Client

The Zoom Client is a shortcut that can be used to easily utilize all of your Zoom tools. This includes starting a meeting, joining a meeting, scheduling a meeting, sharing your screen, or using Zoom Chat.

To find the desktop client, click the Zoom icon on your desktop or use the search feature on the taskbar.

Zoom logoTaskbar

3. Accessing Zoom Using IvyLearn

Faculty, Students and some staff can access Zoom by following these steps.

a. Login into IvyLearn.

b. Select your course.

c. Click Zoom from the course menu.

(If you do not see Zoom on your course menu, this means your instructor has not yet enabled it as a feature. Check with them to see if they are planning to use Zoom as part of their instruction for the course)


Got questions you don't see an answer to here? The Educational Technology staff will be happy to help! Click the photo or use the email listed below to connect.

Ashley Swing

Ashley Swing
Educational Technology Assistant