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Art History Intro: ARTH 101 Essay Resources

A guide to give a variety of resources for those who are taking ARTH 101 or ARTH 102.

Obelisks, Pyramids, Temples

MLA LibGuide

 MLA LibGuide 

This LibGuide will give you the information you need to create an MLA style paper for this course. There is information on formatting, how to write an essay, and what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Click on the link above to access this guide.

MLA Handbook

Open Access Journals

Scribes at Work

This video shows Professor Theo van den Hout, Editor of the Chicago Hittite Dictionary, writing a Hittite letter in cuneiform, and W. Raymond Johnson, Field Director of the Oriental Institute's Epigraphic Survey, writing passages from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. They use rough approximations of the ancient writing tools.

Art Reference Databases

Art History Websites