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Agriculture - South Bend-Elkhart

Search Tips for Agriculture Topics


Recommended databases for interdisciplinary topics are Research Library (ProQuest) and EBSCOhost. Both will bring up online journal articles, Ebooks and more. From the search results page, you can limit to recent publications, format (books, articles) and more.

Specific resources for each topic are listed below. 

Search tips

Search key words, not sentences. Try synonyms and broader terms like biofarming for aquaponics or hydroponics

In EBSCOhost and ProQuest, combine terms using the Advanced search: "animal feed" AND "drug resistance"

In Google combine them using plus and minus signs: "animal feed" +"drug resistance"

In Google, try limiting your search by adding or or to your search string

Animal Welfare

Antibiotics Use

Antibiotics use in agriculture is a topic in many disciplines: agriculture, medicine, politics. Try an interdisciplinary search in ProQuest or EBSCOhost.

Example searches: livestock AND antibiotics

                                swine AND antibiotics

                               "animal feed" AND "drug resistance"

Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Enology & Viticulture

Food Safety

Genetically Modified Food

GMO is a topic in many disciplines. Try an interdisciplinary search in Research Library (ProQuest) or EBSCOhost.

example searches: GMO or "genetically modified organism" AND food

"transgenic plants"

Subject: Transgenic organisms

History of American Farming

Hobby Farms

Journals & Magazines

Organic Farming

Try a Subject search: "organic agriculture"

Urban Agriculture

Search the phrase "urban agriculture" in quotes in Ivy Cat or Discover