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Life Skills First Year Seminar - East Central: Home

Topical Areas of Study

Campus orientation

time management techniques

utilizing technology

evaluation of internet resources

goal setting

information integrity

career exploration

academic integrity

library skills

personality types

career skills

learning styles

test taking strategies

managing finances

diversity in society

group process

note taking

listening skills

textbook usage


memory proactive strategies

distance education

health and wellness issues


(from syllabus)


Welcome to the libguide for IVYT 101, Life Skills First Year Seminar, for the East Central region! Please explore this guide to find tips and strategies that will help you succeed both in the First Year Seminar course as well as your college career as a whole. The skills you will build here are fundamental to all college-level courses, and they will help prepare you also for life after college - for that great trek into the unknown called the "real world."

From the syllabus, "This course provides students with specific skills and strategies necessary to reach their educational, career, and life objectives. Topics include time management, study skills, learning styles, campus and community resources, critical thinking, utilization of technology, career skills, and diversity in society."

Contact Information

Karen Lang
Humanities Assistant Professor/Pgm Chair
(765) 289-2291
Ext. 1442

Course Objectives


Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to:

1. Identify learning style and personality type and apply this information to develop a personal study and learning strategy.

2. Demonstrate proactive strategies in achieving educational goals.

3. Adjust to and successfully navigate the college infrastructure and its social environment.

4. Develop effective application of study skills such as note taking, listening, textbook usage, test preparation, concentration, memory skills, and time management.

5. Demonstrate the use of basic computer functions including the ability to send and receive email with attachments, access institutional web sites, use internet search engines, and use technology for communication and research.

6. Locate and utilize a variety of resources on and off campus.

7. Demonstrate knowledge of distance education options and expectations.

8. Explore and apply critical and creative thinking strategies.

9. Set goals and explore career and educational options.

10. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of human diversity.

11. Examine personal and wellness issues that can have an impact on college success and develop stress management and other strategies for handling those issues.

12. Increase awareness concerning information and academic integrity.

13. Demonstrate knowledge of financial resources and goals for managing financial resources.

14. Demonstrate familiarity with library resources both on campus and online and be able to effectively access those resources.



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