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Life Skills First Year Seminar - East Central: Writing & Communication

E-mail Standards

Please follow these guidelines when contacting me or other instructors via email.  You can use this information as a guide also for communicating with fellow students, and posting on this site as well as Blackboard.


  • Always use include your course and section number in the subject line of your email.  Many instructors teach multiple courses and this small courtesy will help them keep their inboxes organized.
  • Use a greeting, such as Dear ______, and always sign off with a thank you or other appropriate closing remark.  Always include your full name and contact information if necessary.
  • Write in full sentences, using correct grammar, style and punctuation.  NO chat abbreviations or "text-speak"!
  • Practice good "netiquette."  See below.

Your instructor may reserve the right to not respond to emails that do not conform to these guidelines.

Style & Grammar


On this page, you will find resources to assist you improve your writing and communications skills.  A strong command of language is fundamental to success in college and beyond.  Please feel free to explore these resources, which will offer you everything from brushing up your grammar skills to tips on how to give effective oral presentations.  

APA/MLA Documents

The following documents provide help with citing sources and formatting research papers according to APA and MLA guidelines.

Plagiarism & How to Avoid It


  • You Quote It, You Note It
    This is a 10 minutes interactive tutorial from Arcadia University.
  • Dr. Cite Right
    This is a self-paced interactive tutorial from Central Piedmont Community College.
  • For a short interactive tutorial on citing sources and avoiding plagiarism, see IvyTILT, Module 6.


  • What Is Plagiarism?
    YouTube video produced by Rutgers University gives a basic overview.
  • Plagiarism: Real Life Examples
    Another YouTube presentation from Rutgers University.
  • Crime and Punishment
    A 12 minute video created by Valdosta State University Library amusingly tells the plight of a female student incarcerated for committing plagiarism. Uses RealPlayer.
  • Student Guide To Plagiarism & Copyright
    Brochure prepared especially for Ivy Tech Community College students for general information about plagiarism; what it is and how to avoid it, information on copyright and college-wide guidelines regarding academic integrity

Subject Guide

Public Speaking

News Feed

You may not hear much about plagiarism but it does occur, and has serious consequences.

Take a look a these articles from Google News.

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