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Education - Indianapolis

Call Numbers

L       Education

LA    History of Education

LB   Theory and Practice of Education

LB 1025 - 1050.7   Teaching (principles and practices)

LB 1140 - 1140.5    Preschool education

LB 1141 - 1489      Kindergarten

Lb 1501 - 1547      Elementary education

LB 1603 - 1695      Secondary education

LB 2300 - 2430      Higher education

LB 2801 - 3095      School administration and organization

LC   Social Aspects of Education

LC 1390 - 5158     Education of special classes of persons

LD    Individual Institutions



BF1 - BF1000        Psychology

BF712 - 724.85      Developmental psychology:  Including Infant, child and adolescence

LB5 - LB1050.7

LB1101 - LB1139    Child Study

LB1139.2 - 1139.5   Early Childhood Education

LB1705 - LB2286    Education & Training of Teachers

RC.321 - RC0431    Neurology

RJ1 - RJ9999           Pediatrics

BF1 - BF1000          Psychology

Z1037                      Best Books



Credo is an online reference library that provides advance searching and full-text of hundreds of encyclopedias and dictionaries in the humanities, social sciences and sciences.

In the Education area it includes such titles as:

Education at a Glance

Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

Encyclopedia of Special Education

Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts

Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children

A History of Western Philosophy of Education

International Handbook of Giftedness and Talent

Key Concepts in Education

Subject Headings - Education

Early Childhood Education

Critical Pedagogy

Case Method

Communication in Education

General Education

School choice

Education - aims and objectives

Education - experimental methods

Education - law and legislation

Education - philosophy

Education - finance

Subject heading for books about teaching and pedagogy in specific subject areas folllow this pattern:

specific topic - study and teachinig (educational level)

language arts - study and teaching - primary

mathematics - study and teaching - elementary

social sciences - study and teaching - seconday

biiology - study and teaching - higher

Major databases from Education-related fields

Databases of particular interest to Education