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Resources on the World Wide Web

Resources on the World Wide Web

Here is a list of links to help you explore the growing number of Web sites devoted to children's literature.


Twitter can also be a useful online resource.  Try following your favorite children's and young adult authors.  Here are some other feeds (mostly of publishers) you may enjoy.


To find books in IvyCat....


Select Author at the Main Menu, then type the writer's name last-name-first. Correct spellingi s important.
Example: grahame kenneth (press RETURN or ENTER)
Or just: grahame ken (RETURN)

To limit search results to items owned by Central Indiana North Meridian Center, click on Limit To:  then select Central Indiana North Meridian Center, from the drop-down menu.


Select Subject at the  Main Menu, then type the writer's name last-name-first.
Correct spelling is important. To limit results to items owned by Central Indiana North Meridian Center, click Limit To: and press Search.
Example: rowling j k (press RETURN or ENTER)



CONSULS will retrieve a list of Library of Congress Subject Headings which begin with the words you typed:
Rowling J K(main heading is subdivided)
Rowling J K--Characters--Harry Potter
Rowling J K--Criticism and interpretation
Rowling J K--Encyclopedias
PLEASE NOTE: Personal name headings may also be subdivided by the titles of individual works, for example:
Rowling J K--Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


Select Title at the Main Menu, then type as much of the title as you remember in correct word order. In CONSULS, you may omit "a," "an," or "the" at the beginning of a title.
Example: harry potter and the sorcerer's stone (press RETURN or ENTER)
Or just: harry potter and the (RETURN)

If your TITLE search does not retrieve an entry for a separately published edition of the work, click Keywords to re-execute the search as a keywords search, and then scan the CONTENTS field of each entry for the title of the work you need.


Select Subject at the Main Menu, then type the Library of Congress subject heading which best describes your topic. Correct spelling and word order are important. The complete list of Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is published in a set of big red booksavailable in the Reference Area on the first floor of the Haas Library.
Example: Fantasy literature, American--History and criticism (press RETURN or ENTER)
Or just: fantasy literature (RETURN)

The following Library of Congress subject headings are relevant to children's literature:

Children's literature(many subdivisions)
Children's literature--20th century
Children's literature--American--History and Criticism
Children's literature--Authorship
Children's literature--Bibliography
Children's literature--Bio-Bibliography
Children's literature--Book reviews
Children's literature--English - History and criticism
Children's literature--History and criticism
Children's literature--Study and teaching
Fantasy fiction, American
Fantasy fiction, English
Fantasy literature, American--History and criticism
Fantasy literature, English--History and criticism



See also:
Alphabet rhymes High interest-low vocabulary books
Children--Books and reading Illustrated children's books
Children--United States--Fiction Illustrators--United States--Biography
Children in literature Juvenile fiction (subdivided by theme)
Children's literature in series Limericks, juvenile
Children's plays Lullabies
Children's poetry Mother Goose
Children's reference books Nursery rhymes
Children's stories Picture books for children
Counting-out rhymes Readers for new literates
Fables Science fiction
Fairy tales Storytelling
Folk literature Talking books for children
  Toy and movable books


Select Keyword(s) at the  Main Menu, then type the words which best describe your topic, in any order.
Example: (child* or juvenile) and fantasy and (literature or fiction) press RETURN or ENTER
Narrower search: (lewis carroll or kenneth grahame) and fantas* (RETURN)

Use the * (asterisk) as a truncation symbol to retrieve variant forms of a word root. Use the Boolean OR to expand your search by including synonyms and related terms. When using two different Boolean commands in the same search statement ("and" and "or" in the preceding example) you must include parentheses to indicate which command is to be performed first.

Book Reviews


Best Kids Books:    Contains hundreds of reviews of books and audiovisual items for children from infants to teens.

Book Reviews by Kids:   Book reviews and ratings written by kids age 18 and under, not searchable; browse only.

Bookhive:    Produced by the librarians of the Public Library of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County (North Carolina), this site includes children's book reviews searchable by age, author, title, and illustrator, plus activities, digital books and stories you can listen to. 

Bookhooks:    Canadian web site where teens can publish illustrated book reviews.

Building Rainbows:   Searchable book reviews and ratings written by kids.

GraphicNovelReporter:  Includes reviews of graphic novels, interviews with authors and illustrators, a blog, and more.    Includes reviews, children’s books that have been made into movies, links to authors’ web pages, lists of children’s book series, and more.

Picturing Books:    Web site on picture books—includes a glossary of terms, online reviews, and activities to accompany Denise I. Matulka’sA Picture Book Primer (c2008).

School Library Journal Reviews:  Covers books and audiovisual materials.

SlimeKids:  Browse through the large collection of online video book trailers, search the collection of book reviews for kids by kids, and browse through the collection of links to author web pages.  Also includes games and other resources for kids.

Spaghetti Book Club:   Searchable book reviews written by kids for kids, founded by educator Julie Rosemarin.      Includes reviews of new young adult books, author biographies and interviews, advice on starting a book club, and discussion guides.

Teens Read Too:    Contains many reviews of young adult books as well as author interviews and news releases about forthcoming books, book excerpts, and lists of award winners.

Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Reviews   Includes book reviews of board and novelty books, chapter books, novels, picture books, and non-fiction from famous children’s literature authors.

World of Reading:   Ann Arbor District Library’s collection of reviews written by and for kids from around the world.


Journals for Children's Literature