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Using Google Scholar - South Bend-Elkhart: Don't See Full-Text @ Ivy Tech?

Using Google Scholar to find full text articles.

Other Options

Other links you may see to access full text articles:

[HTML] from ...


[PDF] from ...

and click on one of them to access and view the article.

If you do not see a link to the full text

If you do not see any of these links try clicking on the article title in the citation. 

From this point you will encounter a few options:

  • The full text of the article will display in a PDF file using the Acrobat Reader.
  • An article citation and sometimes a summary will display with instructions to subscribers or registered users on how to access the full text of the article with a username and password.

    Using your Campus Connect username and password will NOT give you access to the article.

  • You may also find instructions for subscribing or purchasing an electronic copy of the article using a credit card.

When you do not find full text articles on your topic that are available for free in Google Scholar consider using a library subscribed database.

[HTML] or [PDF]

Subscribers, Registered Users or Purchase