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Internationalization - Bloomington

Internationalization How-To

Here at Ivy Tech, there are a variety of ways that faculty members can internationalize their courses. It may be something as simple as assigning an article with an international perspective or encouraging students to attend an international activity. Other faculty members may prefer to develop specific modules or assignments for their courses. All courses, regardless of subject, can be internationalized, but how they are internationalized will vary from class to class and instructor to instructor.

The University of Waterloo offers examples and suggestions for internationalizing the curriculum. The steps they suggest are:

  1. What international perspectives (knowledge, skills and attributes) should students develop in this course?
  2. What international content and/or contact will students need in order to develop international perspectives?
  3. What learning activities and tasks will assist learners to develop international perspectives and prepare for the assessment?
  4. What assessment task(s) could students complete to demonstrate achievement of international perspectives?

Some Ivy Tech Bloomington faculty worked to create or internationalize their courses through the Internationalization Collaborative Across Bloomington (ICAB), a partnership with IU. Their syllabi (and others) are available on the website. For more information, feel free to click on the "Resources" tab to find Ivy Tech faculty who have been working with ICAB. These faculty members are willing to share their experiences, assignments, and resources.

Additionally, the College has added global learning objectives to several courses in our inventory. Thanks to the Global Learning Across Indiana (GLAI) statewide cohort (a statewide expansion of ICAB), there are learning tools and lesson plans available online for faculty in 27 courses, including several introductory courses such as ENGL 111, HIST 101, COMM 101, PSYC 101, and SOCI 111. These resources and a complete list of internationalized courses can be found on the Faculty Resources for Global Learning at Ivy Tech page.

Also, be sure to watch for international events throughout the year, including each November's International Education Week. Activities like these are great ways to engage students.