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Internationalization - Bloomington

Global Studies Certificate

Ivy Tech faculty members have worked together to redesign curriculum for some of Ivy Tech's business, education, humanities, healthcare, technology and life science courses. These areas are some of Indiana's biggest high-growth sectors of the economy and areas that require critical thinking in terms of global perspectives and competencies. The Global Studies Certificate helps students apply their knowledge in the community, throughout the state of Indiana, and around the world.

This certificate teaches students about thriving in a global workforce and how to succeed in a diverse society, which are skills valued in today's competitive job market. Students will also have the opportunities for exposure to different cultures through supplemental education experiences, such as studying abroad or taking part in international activities on campus. A Global Studies Certificate increases their knowledge and awareness of the world and will make them more marketable in finding a job.

The Global Studies Certificate includes 15 credits of global-module courses, many of which are already within the two-year curriculum.  More information about the certificate can be found at the Ivy Tech Global Learning page.

Interested students can speak to Dr. Pierre Atchade whose contact details are listed under the Global Studies Contacts tab.

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