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ALI Information Literacy UnConference: Southern site

Information about the UnConference


Paul W. Ogle Library

Ivy Tech Community College

8204  Highway 311

Sellersburg, IN 47150


 Wednesday July 31,2013

10:00am meet and greet.

Local Coordinators

George Bergstrom (

Marie White

Christina Wray (

Participatory Agenda Content is yours

 10:00am meet and greet,

10:30 -11:00am introduction of all the participants and your passion for information literacy.

11:05-11:50am let’s start sharing experiences like: methods of delivering information literacy, meeting the IL objectives for your students; and how about the assessment of our methods, how do you  measure the impact of your instruction? Bring with you that exercise, worksheet, rubric, that really works for you; share that experience you have had that clicked with your students.

12-12:45pm lunch including BBQ, cornbread, and sweet tea  (Developing community over BBQ and salad. Nurturing community with genuine discussion)

Lunch discussion possibilities:

             1. What have you experienced, a lesson, approach which bridges the gap between entering college students' the research readiness and the research necessary in those first years?               

             2. What  Information Literacy objectives  are the strengths of our entering college students, how can the strengths be used to support and improve the weaknesses of our entering college students?

             3. How can we develop a sophomore to senior continued maturation of Information literacy?

1:00- 2:00pm Engaging participation, sharing experience, experience that benefits our students' knowledge of information literacy 

2:00-3:00pm Sweet tea and deliberations, Reviewing the day's participants' conversations: 

            1. What strengths are we supporting?

            2.  What weaknesses can we address to make our entering college students of southern Indiana more successful? 

            3.  Does assessment fit in the picture?

3:00 + We leave to disseminate our new energy and shared ideas throughout the state knowing we are a member of a whole community promoting information literacy, a community which is an incubator of information literacy



What shall I bring

Energy! Energy! Come with the energy from your own interest; leave with the energy magnified from sharing your interest.

Ideas, challenges and burning information literacy questions that you'd like to discuss with other librarians

Assignments, activities, curriculum (things that are working and things that aren't!) 

Business cards, if you have them and want to make connections

Any kind of wireless-enabled device, if you'd like - there will be guest access to the campus wireless network

Flexibility and a willingness to share, learn, and be an active participant in the conversations