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ALI Information Literacy UnConference: Southern Site

Information about the UnConference

Southern Site Unconference Notes

Southern Site UnConference  11 attendees and 3 coordinators.

The large group two volunteered discussions Lora I U East and Carol Ivy Tech Bloomington demonstrated forms or styles of instruction in library and online. Talked for about an hour about challenges in promoting Information Literacy instruction, who are the stakeholders who can we get involved to really get information literacy moving across the curriculum, does HLC have an interest in information literacy and how much impact do they have?Who, or what administrative positions can we to get involved to make an impact on IL?  how to maintain lessons with the many changes which happen when it comes to IL, like ACRL changes in scope of IL , website changing updating like the Purdue OWL.

Then broke into smaller groups covering embedding, assessment, found much in common with one another enjoyed sharing what works and frustrations.  Flipped classes, outreach to faculty, library consultations, hands on experience…

Large group discussion was after lunch, discussed to enhance the name Information Literacy to make it more attractive; discussed assessment and how we can improve assessment, discussed dual credit and how that is a coming challenge. We finished with how all of the different types of Libraries need to come together, that together we can address IL,  HAIL was mentioned.