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Early Childhood - Sellersburg: Early Childhood Authors

A - C

Ardema, Verna
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears won the Caldecott Medal as the most distinguished American children's picture book in 1976.
Ackerman, Karen
A colorful, active site with information on Karen Ackerman, her books, awards and more.
Ada, Alma Flor

Goodreads comprehensive examples of Alma Flor Ada's books:  Dear Peter Rabbit.
Ahlberg, Allan
Ahlberg, Janet
Writer of Jolly Postman series
Aliki Brandenburg
Goodreads list of Brandenburg books including: Nice New Neighbors

Ames, Lee J.
Lee J. Ames official website.
Amoss, Berthe
Read Berthe Amoss books on Goodreads including: The Night Before Christmas.
Ancona, George
A bi-lingual site for educators & families of English language learners
Andersen, Hans Christian
The Hans Christian Andersen Center website.
Arnold, Caroline
Caroline Arnold official website.
Asher, Sandy 
Sandy Asher official website.
Homepage of Avi with biography, books, & awards.
Axelrod, Amy
Amy Axelrod's books on Goodreads.
Aylesworth, Jim
Homepage of author Jim Aylesworth with links to other information about the author.

Babbitt, Natalie
The Natalie Babbitt page from Library Point.
Balan, Bruce
Bruce Balan official website.
Banks, Lynne Reid
The Lynne Reid Banks page official website.
Barrett, Judi
The Judi Barrett page from Teaching Books.
Base, Graeme
Graeme Base official website.
Baum, L. Frank
Biography and selected bibliography of Baum's works.

Bawden, Nina
Author website, biography, links to books, awards along with links to books by other authors.
Berenstain, Stan & Jan
Complete biography on this author pair.

Bial, Raymond
Raymond Bial's homepage with biography, bibliography, portfolio of works
Blake, Robert J.
Homepage of illustrator Robert J. Blake.
Blos, Joan
Biography of author Joan Blos.
Blume, Judy
Judy Blume's official website: The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo.

Blyton, Enid
Lashings of information about the children’s author.
Brett, Jan
A beautiful homepage filled with ideas and items to share.
Bridwell, Norman
Clifford, Big Red Dog.
Brown, Marc
Marc Brown Studio website.
Brown, Margaret Wise
Official page with biography, bibliography, articles, talks and photos.
Brown, Susan Taylor
Official website with biography, bibliography, and much more.
Bunting, Eve
Read Eve Bunting books on line at Goodreads.
Byars, Betsy
Betsy Byars official website, books listed by age.

Caldecott Society
The homepage of the Randolph Caldecott Society UK.
Carle, Eric
The Official Eric Carle Homepage.
Carlson, Nancy
The author/illustrator's official website including biography, bibliography, recipes, art instructions, shopping for related items, teacher resources and more.
Carlstrom, Nancy White
Brief biography of Nancy White Carlstrom.
Carroll, Lewis
Lewis Carroll official homepage.
Casanova, Mary
Mary Casanova's website with biography, bibliography, many links.
Cauley, Lorinda Bryan
Official website of Lorinda Bryan Cauley.
Cleary, Beverly
The World of Beverly Cleary.
Cobb, Vicki
Vicki Cobb's Hands-On Science page for kids.
Coerr, Eleanor
Read online at Goodreads.
Cole, Joanna
Read Magic School Bus books online at Goodreads.
Colville, Bruce
The official website of Bruce Colville. Lots of information and fun to be found here.
Cooney, Barbara
Find great books for preschool, elementary, and middle school children and teens along with ideas of ways to teach with them in the classroom across the curriculum.
Cooper, Susan
Susan Cooper's Lost Land website with biography, bibliography, photos of Wales, pictures and words from many of her books.
Cowley, Joy
Official website for author Joy Cowley with biography, bibliography, letters, & photos.
Creech, Sharon
The author's website with a biography, bibliography, & contests.
Cummings, Pat
The Brown Bookshelf, list of books plus biography.


D - M

Dahl, Roald
This incredible official website includes biography, bibliography, links, & teacher resources.
Danzinger, Paula
Paula Danziger Was Always a Kid at Heart, learn more at Library Point.
Davis, Katie
Author's website with biography, bibliography, teachers' page and more.
DePaola, Tomi
The official website of author/artist Tomie DePaola, biography & bibliography.
DeRegniers, Beatrice Schenk
Beatrice Schenk de Regniers biography on Library Point.
Dewey, Ariane - Covers of her books at
Dooley, Norah
Website of Norah Dooley storyteller and children's author - Biography, books, CDs, poetry, links.

Engdahl, Sylvia

Author Sylvia Engdahl's homepage including biography, short fiction in full text, & links.

Fleischman, Sid
Sid Fleischman's official website with biography, bibliography, magic trick, awards and writing tips.
Flournoy, Valerie
Great collection at Goodreads.
Fox, Mem
The official and wonderfully creative website of Mem Fox. It is written as a book with chapters with easy navigation.
Fry, Rosalie K
Read her books online at Goodreads.

Gag, Wanda
Visit Goodreads for a great collection of Wanda Gag books.
Galdone, Paul
Official Paul Galdone website.
Geisel, Theodore (Dr. Seuss)
Dr. Seuss website includes a biography along with National Memorial info.
Gibbons, Gail
Homepage of author Gail Gibbons including autobiography, bibliography, artwork & photos.
Giff, Patricia Reilly
Learn all about Patricia Reilly Giff at Random House Kids.
Goble, Paul
Good biography, some examples of artwork and links to information.
Gutman, Dan
Author Dan Gutman's homepage with biography, bibliography, lesson suggestions, excerpts from his books and surprises.

Hague, Michael
The illustrator's autobiography with pictures of book covers and a link to a bibliography.
Hausman, Gerald
The author's website with links to biography, annotated bibliographies for both adult and children's books.
Hines, Anna Grossnickel
The author/illustrator's official website with autobiography, bibliography & author's blog.

Johnson, Crockett
Homepage for author/illustrator Crockett Johnson including art, bibliography, biography, books, characters, critics, FAQs, links, and photos.

Katz, Susan
The author's website with biography, bibliography, child produced pictures and poems.
Keats, Ezra Jack,
Ezra Jack Keats including a biography, bibliography of books featuring "Peter", the making of a book, and teacher resources.
Kellogg, Steven
An autobiography of the author and a link to his books.
Ketteman, Helen
The author's website with biography, bibliography, links, & activities.
Koehler-Pentacoff, Elizabeth
The author's homepage with biography, annotated bibliography, & lesson plans.
Koontz, Robin Michal
The author/illustrator's homepage with great links to her biography, her illustrations, her pets, her books, her garden, & activities.
Krishnaswami, Uma
The author's official website with biography, bibliography, librarians' and teachers' page, & links.
Kurtz, Jane
Author's website including biography, annotated bibliography with book covers pictured, & special events.

Lewis, C. S.
An official web site devoted to C. S. Lewis.
Lobel, Arnold
Parents’ Choice Foundation - A biography and bibliography with additional citations.
Lowery, Lois
Learning about Lois Lowery-- A site with biography, bibliography, book reviews, awards, & links.
Lyons, Mary E.
The Lion’s Den books for young readers.

MacDonald, Suse
The Author/Illustrator's page which includes a biography, bibliography, activities, plus teacher resources.
Martin, Bill, Jr.
A brief biography.
Mayer, Mercer
Brief biography, additional resource links.
McCaffrey, Anne
The many works of Anne McCaffrey.
Milne, A. A.
Goodreads collection.
Mora, Pat
The author's stunningly colorful website filled with information about her, her family, her books, her philosophy, bibliography, activities.
Most, Bernard
The author's website with fun links to biography, bibliography, FAQs, awards, coloring pages, activities, links.

N - Z

Osborne, Mary Pope
The author's website including biography, annotated bibliography with book covers, and a link to Magic Tree House.

Paterson, Katherine
The official web site of Katherine Paterson. Included are an autobiography, an annotated bibliography with book covers, & awards.
Pattison, Darcy
The author's website with annotated bibliography, biography, and links to author websites.
Pfister, Marcus
Illustrator Marcus Pfister's website with biography, bibliography, photography & news.
Pienkowski, Jan
The illustrator's bright, accessible official homepage with biography, annotated bibliography with book covers, audio pronunciation of his name, examples of his drawings, online books & fun & games.
Polacco, Patricia
Author's homepage with books, biography, Facebook link & contact information.
Potter, Helen Beatrix
This site offers a good biography of the author/illustrator, reproductions of some of her sketches, newsletter & animations.
Prelutsky, Jack
Jack Prelutsky website including brief biography, poems & music, stuff for kids & blog

Rocklin, Joanne
This site includes the author's biography, bibliography, links to Facebook & Twitter.
Ross, Dave
Welcome to the homepage of Dave Ross, famous children's author, illustrator and all round nice guy. Includes biography, annotated illustrated bibliography, samples, budding author’s page. This is a very kid friendly site.
Rubel, Nicole
This fun and colorful author's website offers a biography, bibliography, artwork, new & events.

Sampson, Michael
Michael Sampson homepage with brief biography, bibliography, & favorite things.
Sathre, Vivian
The author's website with brief biography, bibliography, & art gallery.
Shepard, Ernest H.
Pooh Corner, Peter’s audio books, Peter’s radio show, biography & Pooh’s story.
Silverstein, Shel
Shel Silverstein official website. Biography, bibliography fun & games plus learning resources.
Smith, Cynthia Leitich
The author's page with brief biography, bibliography, books for kids, books for young adults, Cindi’s events.
Smith, Lane
Website for author Lane Smith with biography, videos, art, & curious pages.
Spagnoli, Cathy
The author's webpage with biography, programs, books, blog, true stories & tales.
Steptoe, John
John Steptoe page offers a brief biography, awards, news, art exhibits, plus school visits.
Stevens, Janet
The illustrator's website with wonderful graphics which show her methods of creating characters, brief biography, inside the studio, & contact information.

Thompson, Colin
The author/illustrator's website with picture books, story books, poetry books with email contact info.
Twinem, Neecy
Neecy Twinem books - Goodreads.

Van Allsburg, Chris
Chris Van Allsburg page includes a  biography, videos, & news.

Waldherr, Kris
Art & Words, the website of author, illustrator and designer Kris Waldherr with biography, featured book, & Arts & Words editions.
Weidt, Maryann N.
The author's website with links to biography, bibliography, writing tips, FAQ's and teacher resources.
Wilhelm, Hans
The author's website with brief biography, bibliography, art gallery, storytime, articles plus contact info.
Williams, Suzanne
The author's website with biography, photos, bibliography, FAQ's, writing tips and teacher resources.
Williams, Vera
Librarypoint page on Vera Williams contains a biography and a bibliography with book summaries.
Wojciechowski, Susan
The author's website with biography, photo, bibliography, activities, bookmarks & Christmas Miracle movie.
Wood, Audrey
The Audrey Wood Clubhouse site with biography, bibliography, parent/teacher section & contact info.
Wood, Don
Don Wood page on Audrey Wood’s website includes biography & list of books.

Yolen, Jane
This web book presents information about her over two hundred books for children. It also contains essays, poems, answers to frequently asked questions, a brief biography, her travel schedule, and links to resources for teachers and writers. It is intended for children, teachers, writers, storytellers, and lovers of children's literature.

Zelinsky, Paul O.
The author's website includes incredible video clips of the workings of Knick-Knack Paddywhack, a brief biography, links.
Zolotow, Charlotte
The author's homepage includes biography, bibliography, FAQs, links.