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News From Your Library: Fall 2018

Mission, Values Slogan & Strategic Plan

Data gathered from database usage, faculty, staff and student interactions, etc. will continue to shape the library moving forward, but this is a framework that we'd like to work within at present based on interactions and findings from the past 1.5 years. Please reach out if you have any questions!


Your space beyond the classroom.


The University Library of Columbus is responsive to the changing needs of its constituents and is committed to delivering new and cutting edge resources and services to that end.


Student Empowerment

Provide students with the information needed to succeed in the classroom and make a valuable contribution to the Indiana workforce.

Adaptive Learning

Recognize the importance of customizing information presented in the classroom and during personal consultations to meet the various learning styles represented.


Promote open communication about library services, resources, daily operations and financial responsibility among campus partners, responding with integrity in all interactions.


Look for ways to collaborate with students, faculty, staff and the community to achieve common goals.

Approachable Environment

Strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable seeking solutions to information needs and expressing diverse opinions.


Adapt to the changing needs of constituents, offering proactive services and resources.

2018-2023 ULC Goals (Ivy Tech Columbus)

A. Nurture Critical Thinking in & Beyond the Classroom, Contributing to Lifelong Learning and Indiana’s Future Workforce.

1. Establish solid relationships with faculty, staff and students (all 5 years)

2. Investigate efficient and effective methods to deliver and assess library instruction (all 5 years)

3. Formulate information literacy mission and vision utilizing current assessment data (i.e. reference and instruction statistics, etc.) (18-19)

4. Develop a curriculum map, outlining plan for information literacy (18-19)

5. Sponsor and host events that support lifelong learning (all 5 years)

B. Facilitate a Welcoming & Supportive Third Place Environment.

1. Provide resources and services that encourage the use of the library’s physical and virtual spaces (all 5 years)

2. Secure approval and funding for internal wayfinding signage for locating library resources (18-20)

3. Join CLC taskforce in maximizing space, serving as a voice for additional library study rooms (all 5 years)

C. Provide Access to a Wide Selection of Print and Virtual Resources.

1. Assess library resources using feedback from biennial library surveys, website usability testing, and conversations with faculty, staff and students (ongoing; 18-19; 21-22)

2. Weed sections of the collection to provide access to up-to-date resources that support the academic needs of the constituents served (all 5 years)

D. Provide an Approachable Team of Ivy Tech and IUPUC Staff Dedicated to Supporting the Information Needs of Faculty, Staff, Students and Community Partners.

1. Identify professional development opportunities for Juanita and Abby to further develop the skill sets required for success in addressing the needs of constituents (all 5 years)

2. Document procedures for all work processes (18-20)

3. Nurture fluid conversations with IUPUC library staff to identify best practices for supporting student workers (all 5 years)


Remember that Bethany and Abby provide library instruction. If you are looking for new and innovative ways to support student learning by incorporating subscription and print library resources in your 8 or 16-week teaching unit, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Academic Resource Center (ARC) Hours

We are thrilled that the CLC is not only home to the University Library, but the Academic Resource Center (ARC) as well.  ​Remember that they provide tutoring in the following subject areas - math, English, sign language, and science. Their services are walk-in only and are available to Ivy Tech, Purdue Polytechnic, and IUPUC students. Their hours for the fall 2018 semester are as follows: 

  • Mondays & Wednesdays - 9-8
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays - 9-6
  • Fridays - 9-5

Course Reserve Procedure

Do you have a textbook for your course that you'd like students to have wide access to? If so, we can put those items on course reserve in the library so that your students have access to them for a few hours per day. This cuts down on the amount of resources you need to manage! So, let us do the heavy lifting. Just supply our staff with the textbook and fill out some paperwork! Here's the necessary form and course reserve policy!

New Databases

We are excited to announce the acquisition of two new online library resources this semester! They are both subscriptions that we've looked forward to making available for several months.

  • CINAHL (Available Now)

​"CINAHL Complete provides broad content coverage including 50 nursing specialties, speech and language pathology, nutrition, general health and medicine and more." (From CINAHL Website)

  • Credo InfoLit (In Transition-Available Soon)

​Ivy Tech Library Directors statewide are working to modify these tutorials that can be incorporated and synched with your LMS gradebook. As soon as we are satisfied with the customization process, we will share this fabulous resource with you for incorporation in IvyLearn. Tutorial modules explore citing sources, identifying types of information, the writing process, evaluating information, etc.

  • Free up classroom time with ready-made materials for subject-specific instruction
  • Easily scale consistent baseline materials across multiple courses or campus-wide
  • Customize modules to specific courses without sacrificing consistency
  • Stay up to date with current trends like fake news and media bias with regularly updated content
  • Analyze usage and assess student performance with the Credo Insights analytics platform
  • Simplify collaboration with a faculty-focused module and course materials
  • Embed resources directly into your LMS or LibGuides
  • Increase retention through stronger information literacy and critical thinking skills
  • Offer ADA compliant resources (From CREDO Website) 

More Study Rooms

We are pleased to announce that two new study rooms have become available in the University Library of Columbus. Due to low usage of the photocopier over the past several years, LC 1624 has been transformed into a student space. When Ryan Woolsey left IUPUC this past year, his office (LC 1627) was claimed as an additional study area! Please tell your students. The 7 pre-existing study rooms receive so much foot traffic, that the addition of two more will enable us to more effectively serve our population!

In other news, LC 1628 and 1630 now have collaborative stations that students can plug their laptops into and project files onto the screen (to go over presentations and projects with classmates). The collaborative station at the front of the library has been so popular for years now that we thought it was time to broaden our horizons. Please thank Chris Beach for her generosity in making this happen.

Study rooms can be reserved via our website, up to two weeks in advance for two hours at a time. 

New Furniture Layout

We are excited to announce a new furniture layout in the spaces by the magazines and facing IUPUC's CC building. In the past, furniture placement towards the back of the library has not been conducive to creating an environment welcoming individual/small group study, so we decided to switch it up a bit. Please take some time to stop by and check out the new layout. It's a great space to get away from your office and hide from your work phones and 7,000+ daily e-mails. Pick up a coffee at the Dancing Goat, bring your laptop, and settle down for a productive workday. We've got just the setting for you!

Professional Resources for Faculty

We are excited to announce that there is now an online guide that we've created just for faculty! If you're looking for books, articles, or websites to grow your understanding of student-centered learning, this is just the resource for you! The books in this guide are in the University Library of Columbus's collection and the vast majority of the articles can be found in our subscription databases. 

If there is a resource you would like to recommend, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Bethany. We are always open to purchasing new items for the collection that will assist you and your students!

Upcoming Events

Banned Books Panel, September 26, 12:00-1:00, Summerville Room

Media Literacy Week - November 5-8

  • November 5, "Digital Disconnect" (Film Showing), 3:30-5:30, CLC Lecture Hall
  • November 6, TED Talk, 12:00-12:30, CLC 1502
  • November 7, Panel, 12:00-1:00, CLC Lecture Hall
  • November 8, Managing Your Online Persona/LinkedIn, 12:00-1:00, Summerville Room & CLC 1502

Past, Present & Future Series

  • October 25, Wicked Columbus, Indiana  with Paul Hoffman; Desserts Provided by Gramz Bakery, 6:30-8:30, CLC Lecture Hall
  • January 31, Food & Drink Indiana with Oh Sweetie Specialty Treats (More Vendors TBA)
  • March 7, Hoosier Indiana (Speaker & Food Vendor TBA), 6:30-8:30, CLC Lecture Hall

Pre-Finals Celebration!

  • Massages
  • Popcorn
  • 2 Days of Therapy Dogs
  • Coloring Pages

TED Talks - Every Tuesday from 12:00-12:30 pm in LC 1502. 

August & September TED Talks

  • "Why the Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone"
  • "An Interview with Mauritius’s First Female President" 
  • "Why it is Worth Listening to People You Disagree With" 
  • "Want to Change the World? Start by Being Brave Enough to Care" 
  • "How I Turn Negative Online Comments Into Positive Offline Conversations" 
  • "What Can We Do About the Culture of Hate?"

New Bestsellers

This summer the University Library of Columbus relocated the bestseller collection. Bestsellers that have been in our collection for 6 months or more are now located next to the magazines and CDs. Bestsellers less than 6 months old are between our new book and reference collections (the low shelving to the left of the front desk). 

We currently have 226 titles in this collection, which originated in May of 2017. Some titles that we recently ordered, which should be in within the next few months include: 

To a review a list of titles currently in our collection, visit this link!


Remember that you can check out Kindles free of charge! Here is a list of all the titles currently available. We have four Kindles available for our faculty, staff and students to take home and enjoy. If there is a a book you'd like us to purchase for these, please don't hesitate to reach out to Bethany.

Closed Saturdays

We will be closed on Saturdays, starting with the fall 2018 semester. Over the past several years, the library has been open on Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters only. In recent years, we’ve gathered statistics on the number of computer logins and foot traffic to the library on Saturday. We’ve had 11 or fewer visits each Saturday (with about half consisting of community members who are not currently enrolled at IUPUC, Ivy Tech or Purdue Polytechnic) over the past year. As a result, campus partners – Kathy Oren, Dr. Combs, Dr. Hallawell and Dr. Reinhold are in agreement that it is appropriate to close the library on Saturdays moving forward.

Students will still have unlimited access to our online library when the physical building is closed. We currently offer a wide selection of eBooks and electronic journal subscriptions through our databases. These resources may be accessed through IvyLearn or the Ivy Tech Columbus library’s website - When accessing these resources off-campus, library users will be prompted to enter their Ivy Tech username and password. This is how we authenticate affiliation with Ivy Tech.

If you have any questions or concerns while trying to access library resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Library Director, Bethany Messersmith via e-mail at Our regular semester hours are as follows: Monday-Thursday – 8 am-9 pm; Friday – 8 am-5 pm; Closed Saturday & Sunday. These hours are subject to modification during fall, winter and spring break and will be updated on our website during those respective times.

New Graphic Design Intern

We're thrilled that Elizabeth Drake has agreed to intern with us this semester. Drake comes to us from the Visual Communication program. She will be volunteering her services for credit, so that we can continue to unveil new resources and services with style!