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Hospitality Administration & Culinary Arts - Fort Wayne

Business Plans

For a comprehensive guide to creating a business plan see the New Venture Competition library guide.

Model business plans for the hospitality industry can be found in the following resources.

Chef Biographies

Find articles on famous cooks, chefs, and restauranteurs

Click the database links above and follow these steps.

  1. Use Advanced Search. In the top box, enter chefs OR cooks and in the second box enter biography or memoir
  2. Once you get a Results List, use the menu on the left to limit to Full Text

Food History

Food Safety

Metric Conversions

Google has a built-in converter: type oz to ml or oz to gram into the Google search bar.


Regulations governing culinary arts

HACCP certification: there are several reputable providers

SGS corporate website offers free webinars and whitepapers on HACCP certifications including Halal, Kosher, and Sustainability

ServSafe certification - Online training materials, online assessment, and certification details

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals 

Table Setting, Table Service, and Napkin Folding