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Poetry Contest - Indianapolis

The Ivy Tech Libraries of Central Indiana are sponsor the annual poetry contest each February - April.

Ivy Tech Poetry Contest January 24 - Feb 28 2022


  • 1st prize: A free 3-credit hour class at Ivy Tech
  • 2nd prize: $50 scholarship 
  • 3rd prize: $25 scholarship

All winning entries will be published in a future edition of New Voices: Ivy Tech's Student Literary Journal.

For more details, please see the Rules section of this guide.

Poetry Submission


The annual poetry contest is open to students currently enrolled at the Indianapolis-North Meridian and Lawrence campuses.  

Poems will be accepted until  Monday, February 28th, 2022

Participants are allowed to submit up to three (3) poems for judging.  Any style of poetry is welcome. All poems must include the poetry contest cover sheet found at the library or on this page, and be typed in a Word document. Entries may be submitted electronically or in-person at the NMC or Lawrence libraries.

The typed poems should NOT contain any identifying information (name, e-mail, phone number, etc.)  

To submit the poems electronically, send to as an attachment. The e-mail should contain:
Your name
Your Ivy Tech email address
Your phone number
Your C#
Attached cover sheet, filled in with your information (available below)
Attached poems as separate Word documents

To submit the poems in person, print each poem and bring it to the NMC or Lawrence library. Each poem should not contain any identifying information.  Instead, staple the accompanying cover page with identifying information to each poem.  Please use at least a 12 point font.

*Ivy Tech reserves the right to reject submissions with inappropriate content based on the Student Code of Conduct.



Entry Examples

If you're not sure about your submissions, there are examples below.

For example, if you have three poems, there will be 4 attachments to your email: the filled out cover sheet, poem 1, poem 2, and poem 3.