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RADT 206

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Liz Orban
Liz Orban
Health Sciences Librarian
Lawrence Campus Library (Room 157)
Ivy Tech Community College
9301 East 59th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46216


This guide is created for the RADT 206 Research Paper Assignment.  Use the links at the left to explore general resources for the assignment, including: 

  • Print and Electronic Books
  • Articles from library databases
  • Web Resources
  • Citation Resources

The rest of the pages on this guide contain websites and articles from library databases to help you get started with researching your research topic. 

Research Paper Requirements

Assignment Topics

Each student will choose a topic from the following list.  No duplicate topics will be allowed.

  • Chernobyl, 1986
  • Kyshtym, 1957
  • Three Mile Island, 197
  • Windscale, 1957
  • Hole in the Head, case of  medical experimentation with radiation in 1927
  • Jacoby Roth and Raven Knickerbocker, case of radiation overdose by CT scans in 2008
  • The Russian Spy
  • Idaho Falls
  • Tokaimura
  • Chalk River, 1952
  • Lucens Reactor
  • Fukushima
  • Radium Girls
  • Golania, Brazil
  • Airborne radioactivity increases in Europe, autumn 2017
  • Atomic/radiation testing in Marshall Islands
  • San Juan de Dios radiotherapy accident, 1996
  • Church Rock, New Mexico 1979