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Lake County Library

Lake County Campus Library at Gary

Other Locations: East Chicago | Crown Point

Library Staff

Barbara Minich

Library Director
Gary Arts & Sciences,
Library Media & Tutoring Center, Room 1054A
219-981-1111, ext. 2218

Linda Holcomb

Computer / Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Gary IUN Library


Services and Resources

Computer Labs

The Gary Library has nine student computers at IUN Library. Additional computers are in the Computer Lab at the Arts & Sciences building, next door to the Library Media and Tutoring Center. Students are required to sign in before using a computer and their ID should be available at all times. Using the computer lab is a PRIVILEGE; please abide by the lab rules.


To print or make copies, press "alternate login" on the display screen and type in your MyIvy username and password. From there, you can release print jobs, scan to email, and make copies. Machine is capable of color copies, too.

Food and Drink

Food is not allowed in the Gary Library. Small snacks are. Drinks in bottles with closed lids are allowed. Eating meals can be done in IUN's CyberCafe, just beyond the Library.


Wall Street Journal, Post Tribune, The Times, Gary Crusader, and the Chicago Tribune are available at the IUN location.


Looking for a good book to read? We offer many contemporary and classic titles for your enjoyment and enrichment.

Board Games

Relax with friends over board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Dominoes, Trivial Pursuit, and Checkers/Chess. Ask at the front desk for more information.


We offer books on a wide variety of careers, resume writing, and job interviews, plus videos on job searching. This collection can help you identify classes you will ned to take to fulfill your professional goals. Available in the Arts & Sciences building.

DVDs and Media

See our collection of DVDs supporting major program subjects, and select feature films with a sociology focus. Available in the Arts & Sciences building.

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