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Library Technology

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Library Computers

Ivy Tech students, faculty, and staff will be given priority use of computers for academic work. Those using computers for non-academic purposes may be asked to forfeit a workstation if others are waiting.

While Ivy Tech Community College policies concerning appropriate computer use can be seen in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, a few precautions are listed below.

  • Do not use another person's ID or MyIvy account.

  • Be sure to log off when done. This protects you from other's unauthorized use.

Campus Printing and Photocopying

Printing and photocopying is available in the library. Check with your campus Library staff tor information about local photocopying and printing options.

Important Information about Printing on Campus

  • Each registered student is provided a $5 credit to his/her account at the beginning of each registered term.

  • You can add money to your account through the Add funds using a credit card link in Papercut. The money that is on your account can be transferred to any other region.

  • In order to print, you will need to save your documents and print from an Ivy Tech supported computer to the printer.

Printing Costs

Black and White Printing = 5 cents per page
Double Sided Black and White Printing = 7 cents per page
Color Printing = 30 cents per page
Double Sided Color Printing = 45 cents per page

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available through Papercut ( In order to print via wireless, you will need to: