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Lake County Library

Library Policies


These policies were to provide definitive guidelines governing the rules of conduct in the Libraries and use of Library services, materials, and facilities. More comprehensive and specific college-wide guidelines indicated in the Student Handbook can be found in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Library Mission Statement

The Ivy Tech Community College Libraries are full partners in the educational and workforce development mission of the College. The libraries teach research strategies, support the curriculum, and encourage independent and lifelong learning by providing the space, information resources, instruction, and related services essential for academic success. The Libraries advance information literacy, critical thinking, and collaborative learning in a welcoming environment that promotes, and is enriched by, the diverse cultural and intellectual interests of students, faculty, and community.

Library Services and Facilities

Library Instruction

The Ivy Tech Library Staff will customize Library instruction for classes, be it a general introduction to Library research or a workshop tailored to the goals of a particular topic or project. Faculty can request instruction sessions by selecting Schedule Instruction on the regional Library website.

Group Study Rooms

One group study room is available at the East Chicago library location only. Use of a group study room is on a first-come, first-served basis; priority is given to a small study group first though.  Users may need to sign up for the rooms at the Information Service Desk. 


All donated materials become the property of the Ivy Tech Libraries. The Libraries may choose to keep or discard the materials according to collection development policies. The Library will not return material it cannot keep to the donor. For more information, consult with the campus Librarian.

From the Information Resource Development Policy, p. 5:

Gifts - Gifts are encouraged with the understanding that the Library will add them to the collection at its discretion in the same manner as purchased information resources. Once donated, it will be at the Librarian's discretion when to remove a material from the collection. The Library assumes no responsibility for appraisal of gift items, nor can the Library accept gifts under restricted conditions. Gifts become the property of the Library.

The value of the gift will be weighed against space limitations and the cost of processing the information resources. Gift information resources must be of such a nature that they can be integrated into the collection and not require special locations, facilities, control, or staffing.

Gift periodicals (back issues of journals, whether long runs or scattered issues) will not be accepted unless the issues fill a gap in the collection or represent a title which the Library wishes to add for current and continuing purchase. Exceptions may be made by the Library administrator.

Newspapers, periodicals, and other ephemeral resources may not be brought to the Library by individuals for the purpose of leaving them in the building for others to read. The Library will not serve as a site for the distribution of materials by the public to support or further their own cause or those of their organization.

Borrowing Materials

How do I borrow a book from the library?

Please have your Ivy Tech student ID or other proof of school registration handy  to check out any material from your campus library. If you do not have a student ID, one can be obtained at the Security Desk at the East Chicago location or at the Gary Arts& Sciences building. If you are not a current Ivy Tech student, you may be able to check out a limit of three books as a community user. Ask staff at your campus library for details. 

How many books may I borrow at one time, and how long can I keep a book out?

Up to 3 books can be checked out at any one time.  Books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time.  A book may be renewed two times unless another person has requested it, or if there is a demand for the book.

What about DVDs or magazines, can I check them out?

DVDs are meant for in-house use, or for use by instructors in their classrooms.  DVDs are for 1 week check-out by the instructor.  There are a few DVDS limited for off-campus check-out  by students -  primarily non-instructional or entertainment DVDs - but do check with librarian first. 

Magazines and scholarly journals can be checked out for 1 week, provided it is not the current issue.

Are there fines for overdue books?  What if I lose or damage a book?

Materials that are 15 to 28 days overdue will have a $3.00 overdue fine charged for each item.  Books that are returned 29 or more days late are considered lost and the overdue fine changes to a $5.00 lost fee per item.  If the book is actually lost or heavily damaged, the replacement cost of the book is also charged along with the $5.00 lost fee. If the book is no longer available for replacement purchase, the maximum replacement charge is $45.00 per item. Fines and fees are to be paid at the Bursar's Office. 

What if I don't pay the fines and fees right away?

You are responsible for paying any fines or fees for late return, or for loss of library materials checked out in your name or on your student ID. Failure to do so may cause your borrowing privileges to be suspended.  You will also not be able to register for new classes, graduate, or get a copy of your transcripts until your account is paid in full.

How can I renew books?

By the due date of the item, you can renew the item to extend the loan period. There are several ways:

  • Online via the My Account tab that is located in IvyCat (library catalog)
  • By phone
    • Gary IUN Library (219) 981- 4410
    • East Chicago Library (219) 392-3600, Ext 3276
    • Crown Point Library (219) 980-7799, Ext. 2403
  • In person at your campus library

If you don't have the book I need, can you get it from another library?

There are multiple ways to borrow materials from Ivy Tech and other statewide libraries, starting with our local INTERLIBRARY LOAN service. The delivery time varies depending on which library has the book.  If the library catalog (IvyCat) shows the book to be at one of three Lake County libraries - Gary,  East Chicago, or Crown Point, please allow 3 to 5 days. Please let a library staff member know of the book to be requested from any of these libraries, or fill out our Interlibrary Loan form.

Materials listed in IvyCat from other IvyTech libraries, and from academic and public libraries around the state, please allow 1 to 2 weeks.  See a library staff member for help with this type of interlibrary loan service. 

In addition to our normal inter-library loan policies, we are a member of the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI). This allows us to create borrower's cards which allow the holder to check out materials at the other ALI member libraries. If you are interested in utilizing this service, come to the library and talk to the librarian or the library staff about receiving one of these cards. 

Technology and Printing

Library Computers

Ivy Tech students, faculty, and staff will be given priority use of computers for academic work. Those using computers for non-academic purposes may be asked to forfeit a workstation if others are waiting.

While Ivy Tech Community College policies concerning appropriate computer use can be seen in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, a few precautions are listed below.

  • Do not use another person's ID or MyIvy account.
  • Be sure to log off when done. This protects you from other's unauthorized use.

Campus Printing & Photocopying

Printing and photocopying is available in the library. Check with your campus Library staff tor information about local photocopying and printing options.

Important Information about Printing on Campus

  • Each registered student is provided a $5 credit to his/her account at the beginning of each registered term.
  • You can add money to your account through the Pay for Printing link in MyIvy (click Student > Student Dashboard and the link is in the Printing section)
  • The money that is on your account can be transferred to any other region.
  • In order to print, you will need to save your documents and print from an Ivy Tech supported computer to the printer.

Printing Costs

Black and White Printing = 5 cents per page
Double Sided Black and White Printing = 7 cents per page
Color Printing = 30 cents per page
Double Sided Color Printing = 45 cents per page

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available through Papercut ( In order to print via wireless, you will need to:<

Library Conduct

The Library is designed to provide its users with a quiet environment conducive to academic study. Quiet, courteous behavior is important for users to be able to do their work. Using the Library is a privilege. Those who exhibit inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave for the benefit of others.

Quiet Zone

The Library is a Quiet Zone, except in designated areas. Disruptive behaviors such as prolonged casual conversation, talking loudly, laughing, and singing are not acceptable.

Food and Drink

Food is not allowed in the Library. Drinks with covered lids are allowed. Exceptions may apply, such as during college and library sponsored events.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone ringers must be turned off or set to vibrate-only mode. Make and take phone calls outside the Library.


If Library staff ask you to lower the volume on your headphones, you must comply so as not to disturb others.


Library staff or campus security personnel may ask users of Library resources to identify themselves at any time. If asked for identification, users are required by college rules to comply.


"Minors are not permitted to be on Ivy Tech property without direct supervision by a parent or guardian, with the exception of college sponsored childcare centers, minors who are enrolled in Ivy Tech courses, or other approved activities." Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Children age 15 and under must have the direct and constant supervision of a parent or guardian in the Library.
  • Children age 15 and under are not allowed in any of the computer labs and are not allowed to use the Library's computers.
  • Keep visits to the Library with young children to 15 minutes or less. Even well-behaved children can become a distraction for students writing papers and taking quizzes.
  • Exceptions will be made for children enrolled in Ivy Tech classes, in special programs offered by the college, or doing academic work for high school credit and may have access to Library computers and resources.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Should a child's behavior, regardless of the child's age, become disruptive, endanger Library resources or equipment, or violate Library policy, the responsible adult will be asked to leave with the child.
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