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The Madison Library Collection

Traditional Format

Books: 4,509
Audio Visual Materials: 134
Library Study Room Hours= 56 per week

Electronic Format

eBooks: 143,712
ePeriodicals: 18,505
eNewspapers: 100+
Streaming Videos: 52,573
Streaming Music Tracks= 1 Million+
Remote Access: 24/7

The most prominent service we offer in the library is access to our collection which is noteworthy in breath, width, and accessibility. The collection is curriculum focused and selected by both our faculty and librarians. If we do not have what you need, feel free to submit a library purchase recommendation for consideration.


  • How do I borrow a book from the library?
    First time borrowers may need to:
    • confirm existing Library system information
    • provide proof of school registration
    • provide student identification number (or "C" number).
  • How many books may I borrow at one time? How long can I keep a book?
    Up to 5 books can be checked out at any one time. Books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time. A book may be renewed unless another patron has placed a hold on it. Books may not be checked out over semester breaks unless you are registered for classes for the following semester.
  • Can I return books to any Ivy Tech Library?
    All items must be returned to the library where items were picked up.                               .
  • How do I renew a book?
    Books may be renewed in at least two ways:
    • Visit the library in person.
    • Call your campus library:
      • Library Desk (812) 265-2580 Ext. 4102
  • Are there fines for overdue, damaged, or lost books?

A book that is 15 – 28 days overdue will have a $3.00 fine assessed. Books that are returned 29 or more days late are considered lost and will each incur a $5.00 overdue fine. If a book is lost or heavily damaged, you will be charged the replacement cost of the book. If the book is no longer available for replacement purchase, the minimum charge is $45.00. Fines and/or fees are paid at the Bursar’s Office. PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to pay your fines and/or fees, your borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will not be able to register for classes, graduate, or get a copy of your transcripts until your account is paid-in-full.

  • Can I check out DVDs or magazines?
    DVDs may be checked out. Magazines and journals may be checked out for three (3) days if the issues are not the most current.
  • If you don't have the book I need, can you get it?  
    The ILL service is used to compliment our collection. Through ILL we are able to borrow items from other libraries. It generally takes about one week to receive a journal article request from other libraries and two weeks to receive a book request items from other libraries.  All of our request are filled by libraries( Academic and Public) a located within the State of Indiana. Visit the library desk or complete an ILL form to place an ILL request. There is no charge for ILL items borrowed from another Ivy Tech Library or from another library within the State of Indiana.
Ivy Tech Community College Libraries, 2023