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The campus library's study room is open 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday.
See the weekly hours map located below for a detailed library service desk schedule.
*** The Virtual Library (Database Access and Online Support) will remain open 24X7.


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Coping Skills: Tools and Techniques for Every Stressful Situation (Audio Book)

You know those days when you just can't even? When everything is haywire and everyone, including yourself, seems to be against you? Your to-do list is a mile long, your kid is sick, traffic sucks, and you just spilled coffee all over yourself as you were about to walk out the door? How do you cope? 


Library Workshop Schedule

Fall 2020


 Name of Workshop

 Start Time

Sept. 17th Library Workshop 10am Zoom
Sept. 30th Library Workshop Noon 1260
Oct. 6th Library Workshop 5pm Zoom
Oct. 29th Library Workshop 2pm 1240
Nov. 2nd Library Workshop Noon 1260
Nov. 19th Library Workshop 10am Zoom
Dec. 2nd Library Workshop Noon 1260
Dec. 3rd Library Workshop 10am Zoom
Updated 08/28/2020

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Pre-register for an online library workshop by selecting the blue zoom link in the room column.

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