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About Articles

Articles are relatively short publications that discuss a subtopic. They may be primary sources reporting original research; or secondary sources, or even tertiary sources reviewing the state of research. Articles are published more quickly than books, and thus represent more current research. The articles in the databases below are mostly by and for experts in the field rather than the general public. You can select for "peer reviewed" articles, or for trade publications.

Finding Articles

Library databases operate differently from web search engines. 

  • Use keywords, not phrases: prisons Indiana not prisons in Indiana
  • Note the subject terms in your search results, usually appearing below an article citation: these can be used to focus your search
  • Use the shortest form of a word (truncation): prison gets prison, prisons, prisoners in most databases
  • Put quotation marks around phrases "public safety"

Use AND to narrow your search to articles including all your keywords 

Use OR to broaden your search to articles including any of your keywords: teen OR adolescent OR minor

Consider synonyms, broader terms, and narrower terms. If the database has a thesaurus, you can check the relevance of your search terms

Recommended Databases for Articles