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Ivy Tech Warsaw Student Support Services

The Ivy Works Program

Ivy Works For You!

Interested in making more money? Want to go back to school? Need a program you can

complete 100% virtually? Not sure how?

The Ivy Works Program helps to remove the non-academic barriers to students who are receiving SNAP
benefits by providing wraparound services. Students participating in Ivy Works will complete a short term
work force ready certificate program.


What can we assist you with?
  •  Starting a new career
  •  Job Preparation
  •  Learning new job skills in professional, or technical programs
  •  Connecting you with community referrals to get your HSE
  •  Assisting with Ivy Tech enrollment process
Services provided to YOU!
  •  Weekly case management meetings
  •  Academic coaching
  •  Transportation assistance (Bus passes, Uber rides)
  •  Child care assistance
  •  Career clothing
  •  Career assessment and Job search assistance
  •  Mental health counseling
  •  Assistance with paying for books, work/training clothes, tests related to your program of study
  •  Post-employment support
  •  Food pantry
  •  Emergency funds
What you need to do
  •  Apply to Ivy Tech and Ivy Works
  •  Apply for financial aid (FAFSA)
  •  Meet monthly with Ivy Works staff
  •  Maintain satisfactory grades
  •  ASK for HELP when needed
How long will this take?
  •  As short as 3 months, and as long as 24 months depending on the certification you pursue.
To start the program contact:
Chris Douse

Kristen Lennart
260-482-9171 ext. 2433

Ashley Skinner