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Ivy Tech Warsaw Student Support Services

Laptop Loan to Own at Warsaw

The Ivy Tech-Warsaw LRC, in partnership with Lake City Bank, will make laptop computers available to currently enrolled Warsaw students. If the loan program requirements are followed successfully and a student remains in good academic standing or completes their program of study, ownership of the laptop may be transferred to the student at no cost!

The Process

Any currently enrolled Ivy Tech Warsaw student, with correct payment arrangements in place (Student) can be recommended to the Program by any full time employee or faculty member at Ivy Tech-Warsaw. Such students should be advised to contact Tim Keyes, LRC Coordinator, at, or visit him personally in the LRC.

Upon recommendation, Student must meet with the LRC and Assessment Coordinator, or their designate, where the rules and requirements of the Program will be reviewed, agreed to, and recorded.

The Agreement

The Student will be issued a laptop, laptop sleeve, and power cord.  These remain the property of Ivy Tech-Warsaw at this stage. The Student signs their agreement for the Program’s conditions.

Every two weeks, from issue until the end of the loaner semester, the Student shall visit the Warsaw LRC and meet with the Library and Assessment Coordinator or their designate, reviewing that the laptop and items remain in good working order and no issues are apparent. 
The Student must satisfactorily complete (as confirmed by their advisor) all courses they remain enrolled in during the loaner semester. If the Student fails to complete that semester’s coursework or their semester GPA falls below 2.0, they must return the laptop and other items at the end of the semester. Failure to return the laptop will result in a $500 charge to the student’s account.

To continue with the program, the Student must then register, pay for, and satisfactorily complete at least one course in the subsequent semester.  The Student shall visit the Warsaw LRC once per month during the subsequent semester.  Upon doing so, at this point, the laptop and power cord may become the property of the Student.  

If the Student is currently in their last semester before graduation, the student will be considered having satisfied all requirements of the program if the Student successfully graduates (or will graduate at the next end of semester) from Ivy Tech-Warsaw.  At this point, the laptop and power cord may become the property of the Student.

If the Student fails to adhere to the inspection schedule or cannot produce the laptop, a $500 charge may be added to the student’s account, until the Student corrects the situation by visiting and producing the laptop at the discretion of the LRC Coordinator.  During the loaner period the student may also be responsible to pay for any damage if it appears the damage is the result of neglect or improper use.


You will need a recommendation from an Ivy Tech Warsaw faculty or staff member.  This could be your teacher, advisor, library staff, and so on.  That person makes their recommendation to Tim Keyes, LRC Coordinator, who will contact you and start the process.  So, if you think this program is for you, speak to your teacher, advisor, etc, and ask about Laptop Loan to Own.


Email Tim Keyes.