Sociology Research- Sellersburg

→ Think of issues that are important to you or someone you know

Do you have a personal issue, problem or interest that you would like to know more about?
Is there an issue that impacts you? Or, is there an issue that impacts a family member, friend, significant other, or someone else in your life that you’re close to?
Think about your life: What occupies most of your time? What’s something that worries you (or worries someone close to you)?

EXAMPLE: Many people are worried about being able to pay their rent (especially right now with the COVID pandemic). This could lead to an interesting topic by browsing for information on:

  • rent control [like this library search: Rent control
  • affordable house  Affordable Housing
  • or something along those lines and seeing where that leads you.

→ Think of current events in the news

Do you have a strong opinion on a current issue, or a social/political controversy?
Did you read or see a news story recently that caught your attention? Made you angry or anxious?

Don’t get a chance to read the news a lot? That’s okay! Try browsing current headlines on a news outlet of your choice, or something like Google News []:

→ Browse our library databases for ideas

Tried to find a current topic or social issue in the news, but couldn't find one that you found interesting enough to write about? Visit the previous page in this guide and try browsing some of our databases that cover current issues:

These databases let you browse lists of issues by within a specific category (like Government & Politics, Human Rights, Family Issues, etc.) or browse their A to Z lists that include nearly every social issue or controversial topic you can think of: