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What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a search engine geared specifically towards academic and scholarly resources from academic publishers, professional societies, and those made available online by the authors. 

Google Scholar is NOT the same thing as Google. Unlike the Google we're all familiar with (and the one your professor has most likely asked you not use for academic research), Google Scholar is a separate search engine geared specifically towards academic research.

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NOTE: Articles that are freely available will have a PDF link to the right of it (see  below). If you don't see a link to a PDF on the right-hand side, then that particular article isn't available (most of the time, these articles are locked behind paywalls).

The Google Scholar search box above is already linked to Ivy Tech—meaning that if a particular article is available through our library, you’ll see a link like  in the image below.

 Google Scholar will only have some of the articles that our library databases have—not all! So be sure to use Google Scholar in addition to our databases.