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Using articles

When you use articles in our collections, you want to be sure you're using them well. Following a few simple guidelines can help you get the most our of your research,

  • Journals are best used to get detailed and technical information about a topic. When you want research about medical conditions, treatments, or new techniques a peer-reviewed journal offers the highest standard.
  • Newspapers and magazines are best used to get current events, news, and public opnion. If you want to see how people are reacting to the latest health craze or what is going on in a country these are your best bet.
  • Trade Publications offer more focused news that general magazines, usually tied to a specific industry or profession. They can be a good place to look for jobs, find new techniques, equiptment, or ideas but they lack the rigorous standards that peer-reviewed journals use so are not as useful when it comes to reporting the effects or details of techniques and treatments.

Health Periodicals

Most of the library's journal titles are online and available 24X7 via the Virtual Library.  We subscribe to over a thousand medical titles and approximately 200 titles dealing specifically with nursing.  The following links will take you to library databases as well as some free public databases that contain periodicals and journals that support research in this area.

Respiratory Periodicals

Above are links to a few respiratory therapy journals available through the library's website.

To view a list of respiratory journal titles click on Publication Finder, choose Health & Medicine. On the left side of the page in the Subject area click on Show More to view the list of related sub-topics. Choose Pulmonology by clicking on the check box to the left and clicking on the Update button.

Publication Finder Health & Medicine Subject Limit to Pulmonology

Individual Periodicals

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