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Print Books

The library maintains a collection of material on medicine and respiratory care.  We use the Library of Congress classification system to organize these books on the shelves. Each book is given an LC classification consisting of an alpha-numeric notation on the spine which indicates the area on the shelf where the book is housed.  Sample LC classifications are listed below and the shelves can be browsed for these books.

  • RC591 - Asthma
  • RC702 - Cardiopulmonary Diseases
  • RC720 - Pulmonary Toxicology
  • RC734.B7 - Bronchoscopy
  • RC735.I5 - Inhalation Therapy (Respiratory Therapy)
  • RC735.R48 - Respiratoy Emergencies
  • R737.5 - Sleep Apnea

To find a particular book or books on a particluar topic the library's online catalog IvyCAT is the best source.  You can search by author, book title, or subject. If you are searching for books avaliable here, make sure to select your campus when searching, though we can request books from other campuses.

The following are some sample canned subject searches of the catalog for print books.

Library Catalogs

The library's online catalogs are the beginning point to locate materials in the library as well as online. These catalogs can be searched by:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Keyword
  • Series, etc.

The catalogs will give you the status of the item and provide you with the location in the library or, in the case of ebooks, take you directly to the full-text of the item online.

IvyCat lists all of the material held by the Ivy Tech libraries statewide. All but one of these libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System (An alphanumeric system of classifying and arranging books on the shelves in a library. It was developed by the American Library of Congress and is the most widely used system in college and university libraries).

Freely avaliable books

Electronic Books

The library provides access to over 80,000 electronic books.  There are hundreds of titles covering medicine and respiratory care. These titles are available by searching the various ebook databases or simply searching the Ivy Tech statewide catalog IvyCat by author, title, or subject AND the keyword "electronic resource" as a phrase.

The following are some sample canned subject searches of our catalog and some of the individual databases for electronic books.

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