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Impact Measures and Published Scholarship - Evansville: Eigenfactor

What is Eigenfactor?

Eigenfactor Defined

Eigenfactor® is a calculation “based on the number of times articles from the journal published in the past five years have been cited in the Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) year, but it also considers which journals have contributed these citations so that highly cited journals will influence the network more than lesser cited journals.  References from one article in a journal to another article from the same journal are removed, so that Eigenfactor® Scores are not influenced by journal self-citation.” (Thomson Reuters)

How the Eigenfactor is Determined

The Eigenfactor® score of a journal is found through an estimate of the percentage of time that library users spend with that journal. It is thought that the amount of time a researcher spends with a journal measures the journal's importance within the network of academic citations.


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