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Impact Measures and Published Scholarship - Evansville: Introduction

Note for Academic Scholars

Determining the significance of your published scholarship is an indispensable part of your responsibility as an academic. Such information could be useful to enhance your professional portfolio, or simply to satisfy your personal interest. We hope that this LibGuide will provide you with information about a variety of metrics available to assist you in measuring publication significance.  The measures highlighted in this guide include both subscription-based and open access resources. 

Note for Librarians

Helping faculty determine the significance of their published scholarship is an ever-increasing responsibility for academic librarians.  We hope this LibGuide will provide links and resources for librarians to evaluate a variety of metrics used to measure impact and publication significance. Both subscription-based and open source metrics - measuring journal, article, and author impact - are included in this guide. "Cited In" tools already available in many popular library databases, with instructions on how to utilize them, are also covered.

What is Your Scholarly Footprint?

Welcome to the Ivy Tech Community College - Southwest LibGuide on Research Impact and Published Scholarship. We hope this guide will serve both scholars and librarians with an overview of several metrics, measuring journal, author, and article impact.