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Overview: Business Operations

This page presents resources in and outside the library useful for planning your business operations. It covers aspects of Production, Management, and Marketing.

The Production process can be divided into Inputs, Production Control, and Outputs. Inputs to consider are facility location and use agreements, labor supply and relations, capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge. Production control includes planning, routing, scheduling, dispatching, and follow-up.

Management functions include setting goals, strategies, and standards; guiding and motivating employees; organizing procedures, authority structures, and assigning jobs; and measuring results, monitoring performances, and making corrections.

Library Journals & Databases


Location, Transportation, Labor

Production Standards

Library Resources


Library Resources 

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Problem-solving flows and Decision matrices

This short video clearly explains the principles of a PERT chart

This 5-minute video explains how to create a Gantt chart, including the formulas you need to enter. Be sure to read the comments following the video, the author explains in more detail about the IF formula and how to exclude weekends.


See the Marketing tab on this guide