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Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies are lists of citations that include brief descriptions of each source. These descriptions usually explain what the source is about, how it is relevant to your research, and why you consider it to be reliable information.

The resources on this page will help you organize your annotated bibliography and write your summaries.

Steps to Follow

Depending on your assignment, your annotations may include one or all of these steps. Read your assignment carefully before you begin to make sure you are including everything you are supposed to have in your bibliography.

1. Cite

The first step in any bibliography is to cite your source. Use the citation style assigned by your instructor. In most English classes, this will be MLA Style, but you may also find yourself using APA or Chicago styles as well.

2. Summarize

Write a brief summary of your source.

3. Evaluate

This section will take a critical look at your resource. Explain how you know this is a good source for your research.

Some things to consider:

  • Who is the author? Are they affiliated with an organization?

Additional Resources:

4. Conclusions

Based on the above information, how is this article helpful to your research? Does it include new information you haven't heard before? Does it dive deeper into something you have previously learned?